Many people, companies have volunteered to help in our preparatory activities to combat COVID-19. A couple of ways you can really make a difference are below.

Helping us to delay the spread of the novel coronavirus in our area is the most important thing you will do to support health care staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and throughout the city and state. This is important for keeping the number of individuals who become sick with COVID-19 who seek hospital treatment stable

We advise you to keep updated and follow the instructions at Home Order from public health officials and the Metro Safer. For more details on how to safeguard oneself and your community, check

Enable donations of blood

Owing to an extraordinary amount of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus epidemic, the American Red Cross currently faces a serious blood shortage.

Donate cash

COVID-19 Fund gives the flexibility to satisfy the biggest health treatment and science needs in order to tackle the pandemic.

COVID-19 Caregiver Assistance Fund delivers child care, accommodation and supplies to physicians, nurses and staff on the front lines.

Donate face masks

We are so thankful for all of the contributions we have got for the cloth cover. We see the kindness of this group manifested every day on the faces of workers, patients, and tourists wearing FFP2 Mask.

Consider donating food

If you wish to donate food to workers, we invite you to use a local organization to support our friends in Nashville at the same time. Food must be prepared commercially and packaged separately for individual delivery. We can’t embrace meals buffet-style.