It is apparent that companies who wish to stay profitable would need to adapt drastically as 2020 progresses. This is not news for most marketers. Marketing professionals need to make significant changes to keep up in response to this shift in customer prospect.

For a long time, marketing experts have lost faith in their current marketing strategy, requiring new tactics to reinforce their current strategy and meet consumer trends and preferences. When we head into 2020, it is important that a new approach will be formulated and enforced.

The setting is shifting…

When they decide to know more about a company, most consumers will not go to a sales person. According to the State of Inbound, 62% favor the usage of the search engine to address their queries right away and 48 % of consumers check the company’s official website to read more about the items.

Buyers don’t want to negotiate explicitly with a trader. First, you want to search for more details and then determine if you’re able. They trust word by word, customer references, social media credibility and vendor-written articles.

As a result, most buyers believe sales people are pushy — but 77 percent think they are only helpful to prospective customers.

“They are 4 times more likely to mention success for marketers using # inbound”

Moreover, marketers consider it more challenging to close the transaction – 40% of those polled in HubSpot ‘s study understand that an response from prospective customers is difficult to achieve. Also, sellers are replaced as the “best” source of leaders — only 17 percent of effective marketing teams believe their salesmen were the leading source of the company.

Social media

The State of Inbound report from HubSpot in 2016 indicates that in the next 12 months, 48% of surveyed companies plan to add best press release distribution service to their marketing efforts, 39% added Facebook, and 33% planned to add Instagram.

ROI and evaluation

To improve the research game for your next marketing and sales year will be massive. If you don’t know what works and what doesn’t, how can you adapt your strategy? Tracking your social networks and analytics such as A / B testing and heat mapping are useful measurements for efficiencies.

Inbound marketing is also easier than conventional marketing. This brings customers to their own brand by helping them to make decisions through the purchasing cycle, thus enhancing appreciation and recognition of the brand. This does not mean that you can throw other marketing styles away. However, it ensures that inbound marketing and all its components must be a key part of the next year’s marketing plan.