Every online entrepreneur wants to grow their email list. While there are countless tricks to do this, nothing has ever surpassed the power of lead magnets. Lead magnets will help you grow your email list so fast since you offer the prospects a content that proves useful to them. The most common form of lead magnets is an eBook.

The process of creating an eBook is ever daunting. It consumes time, needs advanced knowledge, and could be expensive if outsourced. Thankfully, there’s a tool I’ve been using for the same reason (and more). Its name is Designrr. I’ll review it below:

What Is Designrr?

It’s an online platform that helps you repurpose various types of media. Most people use Designrr to create exceptional lead magnets to grow their email lists. I use it for the same reason, too. The tool was created by Paul Clifford Bannister, who is an experienced online marketer as well as a software builder. He’s the pioneer and manager of PageOne Traffic LTD, and has worked with the State street bank, Nike, Adidas, Carrefour, and other big companies.

Designrr can change URL and Facebook contents to an eBook or PDF. It can as well change PDFs into eBooks, Kindle books, flipbooks, and so on. That’s a fortune!

How Does It Work?

There are a few steps to follow in the process of transforming different types of media into others on Designrr.

1. Registration

If you haven’t registered yet, this will be your first stage. Registration is free, but you got to subscribe to a plan to enjoy the tool’s services. You can choose from the various plans that include the Standard, Pro, Premium, and Business plans, which have different pricing and features.

2. Create A Project

Once you select this option on the top right corner, the system will load into your files so that you choose a PDF, podcast, Word doc, URL, or other documents that you want to deal with. You will then be able to edit the document after selecting it, so make sure you make all the tweaks you want before hitting the “export” icon.

3. Choose A Template

After making all the changes in the step above, it’s time to choose a template that you deem fit for your content. You’ll be making a choice from Designrr’s 200+ copyright-free templates. You can also upload your own templates.

4. Make A Few Changes And Publish

At this stage, you need to review and make any other changes to your product. You can add 3D images and or pages to the document before publishing the final copy to Amazon Kindle, your blog, Flipbook, and ePub, just to mention a few.

Who Is The Ideal User?

Designrr’s platform is easy to navigate; everything is straightforward in terms of the tool’s operation. Hence, every online entrepreneur with the aim of increasing his/her email list can use it to up his/her game.


✓ The software is fast! It processes the media transformation within precious few minutes

✓ It offers many themes — which you can switch between — to see how your final document will look

✓ There’s an exceptional support team that serves you aptly and promptly

✓ It’s intuitive to use, even if you have no history of using such software before

✓ There are videos and notifications to help beginners navigate the platform

✓ You can even import contents from other websites


× Importing a large number of files (especially large ones) may not be possible

× In case of a video, the automatic transcription will come with errors. You have to fix this


Expanding your client list has never been easier! Designrr makes it seamless by easily creating you an attractive lead magnet. Not only will I recommend it to you for this, but for the fact that I’ve used it myself.


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