Employee Wellness programme

Every company out there has a big responsibility towards its employees. To build a productive environment, companies need to pay attention to maintaining the wellness of their people. Particularly in times like now, focusing on employee’s well-being is a vital factor. Businesses should never forget the fact that employees are the backbone of their company and hence, they should be taken care of in every circumstance. According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey, 62% of working professionals across the globe consider mental-health issues as a vital challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the main reason why most employers considered a digital switch and invested in people-centric HR solutions like HROne. 

It is no news that everything has changed lately. Things are transforming at a pace like never before. Amid all this chaos, no company should overlook employees’ lives and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Performance management is important but there are more factors that should also be taken into account during such crucial times. 

In this blog, we will tell how companies can enhance their employee wellness as well as boost their efficiency levels in the long run. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the blog. 

Give Them Various Reasons to Engage With The Company 

As mentioned above, time is changing and moving forward faster. In such a scenario, every employee out there is looking for more than just monetary benefits. A good number of working professionals want to work for a company that provides them with opportunities to grow both professionally as well as personally. As per a survey that was conducted recently, 76 percent of employees think their workplace considers and focuses on their health and well-being, and 87 percent of employees expect their organizations to aid them to balance their work and personal lives

If a company wish to build a loyal employee base, then it should offer them several benefits such as flexible working hours, remote working option, paid leaves, maternity and paternity leave and much more. All these benefits make employees feel considered and valued by their organization in this tough time. Not to forget, a loyal workforce is a blessing in disguise as they will support and stand with the company at all times, be it good or bad. 

Reach Out and Give Ears To their Problems 

In a dynamic world like today, it is necessary to be adaptable. Companies should be fast to adapt to changes happening in the corporate world. Besides, companies should lend their ears to their people and hear them out. Especially in times like these, when coronavirus is ravaging the entire world, every company out there should take sincere steps to solve the problems faced by their employees. When employees feel considered and heard, it will automatically reflect in the performance as well as efficiency levels. If getting in touch with every employee seems difficult and time-consuming, companies should invest in technologies such as HR and performance management software. Such systems come with chatbots and video conferencing tools that facilitate communication beyond geographical, physical, and linguistic barriers. 

Promote the Culture of Short Breaks 

Several countries such as Japan allow their employees to take regular breaks and monitor them using drones. It may sound unnecessary to many, but it is a great practice to boost the productivity and engagement of employees. The companies that wish to acquire greater performance from their people and improved outcomes should try to encourage employees to take a short break at regular intervals to ward off monotony as well as lethargy. Needless to say, every time employees get back to their work after a break, they will not just return refreshed but also with more energy. 

Give Them Different Modes of Recreation 

Some fun activities or interesting games and quizzes are always helpful when it comes to taking the stress off. Companies should encourage employees and engage them in different activities that will help them to be cheerful during office hours. Let’s face it, working long hours at home has taken a toll on every employee’s mental health. While working from home, employees experience complete isolation that in turn results in loss of productivity and creativity. In such cases, it is the responsibility of companies to foster employee engagement activities for employees. As mentioned above, HR and performance management software can be used to reach out to every employee at the same time. From virtual contests, training programs, and counseling sessions, there are a number of things companies can do for their people during this testing period. This will, undoubtedly, increase their interactions and relieve their overall stress. 

Encourage Them with Appropriate Rewards & Perks 

It is no news that recognition and appreciation help companies to increase the morale of their people. When managers acknowledge the hard work of employees, they feel more satisfied with their workplace. After the outbreak of coronavirus, companies were affected dramatically and a number of businesses were forced to cut salaries to compensate for their loss. But, while such a decision might be critical to tame the situation, companies should make sure that they disburse the salaries on time and offer bonuses to their employees. This way, employees will stay engaged and acquire their confidence in the organization. 

Support Them

The majority of companies in India switched to working four days a week to aid their employees to focus on themselves. Along with this, some even realigned working shifts and allowed several teams to continue working from home. Some companies have also organized vaccination programs, regular medical check-ups, and more. All these steps build a happy and satisfied workforce in this difficult time.

So, these are the top six ways you can improve the digital wellness and performance of your employees. 

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted working professionals and their families. No matter how much support companies provide, it is not easy to predict the pandemic situation. There is no denying the fact that it will still be challenging to feel connected, confident, and collaborate effectively with one another while working remotely; however, companies can promote creativity and innovation through the right techniques. So, let us hope for a better, more holistic future.