Family relationships are a basic aspect of our lives, the family is given to us and we cannot choose it. For many they are a problem and are a source of conflict, for others a source of great happiness. In any case, we cannot deny that they all affect us.

To get healthy family relationships, some tips are recommended by CEO of Storage Maintenance:

  • Don’t forget birthdays and have a detail with them . If you are one of those who forget to anticipate it and try to have it listed on the agenda or have an alarm to notify you.
  • Try to attend family events , although at first you get lazy. Always making excuses makes relationships worse and does not invite us in the end.
  • Be yourself ! Do not be afraid of what they think, they are your family and they know you and they will love you as you are.
  • Be affectionate and spend time with your parents.
  • See that from time to time talk and do fun things!
  • When you have a problem with one of the family members, try not to involve the rest or disclose it . If you do this, others will be forced to position themselves and the relationship will be contaminated.
  • Try to make family meals , if there are difficulties with schedules, schedule a specific day in which everyone tries to be.
  • Spend one day a week for a family activity : Visiting grandparents, hiking …
  • Family achievements (as well as those of the individuals that make up the family) must be celebrated together.

Aspects to work to improve family relationships:

To begin we must work internally as we are with them as this will be reflected towards us.

For example it is very important to control expectations . What do we mean by this? Well, just as we expect others to accept us as we are, we must do the same for them, that is, not expect them to change or behave as we want. This expectation is not realistic. The acceptance will bring you closer to family members. It is true that one cannot change others but can change how one interacts with them.

We have repeated it a thousand times but in the family even more than in other areas, it promotes assertiveness ! Try to communicate in an appropriate and respectful way, without stepping on the rights of others but without anyone stepping on yours either. Assertive communication is a positive, clear, direct and enriching communication. It is a communication that does not pretend to convince the other or impose itself but rather empathizes and takes into account the situation and feelings of others as well.

And … as in every human relationship: Be flexible ! People change, relationships change, anchoring in the past or an ideal only prevents us from moving forward. Think that different does not mean worse, relationships go through different times and evolve, try to enjoy the best of each moment.

Modify your surroundings, modifying yourself:

It is clear that people do not possess the power to modify what others do or think or control, but it is also true that we can influence them in some way by acting like a mirror . If someone yells at you and you yell at him that will probably escalate, if you speak softly and assertively he is more likely to calm down, we have not changed that person is aggressive but we have regulated it as far as we can, and however small They seem, these changes are very important.

What we mean is that what we have is a reflection of what we do, feel and say . In the previous example, the other person, the one who shouted what she is going to achieve is that people avoid or treat her differently, reflecting how she behaves with the world. If she modulated how the other person was doing, she would change as others see her and relate to her.

The idea behind all this is to train us to attract more positive, constructive and satisfactory situations (and relationships).

When a relationship with someone you love goes wrong, the first thing is to observe oneself and change how one behaves or reacts to that person . You must believe in the possibility of improving the relationship and also be aware of challenging dysfunctional and unrealistic thoughts that are sabotaging the relationship.

Visualize and prepare your way of communicating with that person, because when the conflict arises it can be more difficult to control and modulate your response.