Investing in the wellness of your home would help protect you and your family from burglary, break-ins, and other attacks. It would also provide you with peace of mind. The home protection process is an evolving process that will always leave you uncertain whether you have done enough to ensure that your home is secure. As criminals evolve and technology is upgraded, it is vital to keep abreast of security updates.

CCTV is not just your bodyguard at home, but it also doubles up as a partner in need in times of medical emergency. By installing CCTV at home, you can easily monitor what’s going inside your home using its remote access system on your smartphone itself.

Subsequently, it can act as your savior if you or your loved one suddenly encounters any health issues and emergencies. A person may suddenly faint or suffer from cardiac arrests. He or she may slip on the floor to break a leg or hand. In such grievous cases, CCTVs can help.  

CCTV watches everything every time. Its footages are monitored for 24 hours. People or medical teams can rush to save a person when they may not be in a position to personally telephone you due to a sudden deterioration in health conditions.  

Medical Emergency

The role of CCTV has never been analyzed from this angle. If you have an aged patient at home suffering from diseases like kidney failure, cancer, or heart-related ailments, then having a CCTV installed in their room is necessary.

The surveillance system can alert you if something goes wrong relating to their health. You can then instantly go home to attend to them. Always integrate the CCTV system into your smartphone for live updates and alerts.

Safety of Your Property

CCTV system includes a wide range of safety measures to enhance the layers of security systems in your house. Whenever you go out, your smartphone will caution you about any unauthorized attempt being made by anyone trying to barge inside your house. You use the CCTV footage as legal evidence to prove your point in a court of law. 

It also helps you know whenever your loved one is in danger either because of a health-related emergency or when any antisocial elements enter your room. Its intelligent alert system will always keep you up-to-date. Unlike past, CCTV Installations take very little time these days. You can install CCTV at your home within a few hours!

Crime Solver

Recent data has revealed that more than 90% of crime-related cases could be solved because of the CCTV cameras installed at nearby spots. Law enforcement agencies always analyze CCTV footage and data to tackle any major crime or burglary cases at a residential property. 

Mobile CCTVs at Hospitals

Mobile CCTVs are extremely beneficial at places like hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice care centers. It helps in crowd management and also provides emergency medical care to patients. Mobile CCTVs are usually attached to drones, which fly over a hospital and other sensitive places to provide immediate care whenever any person needs immediate medical attention. 

Technology Benefits

CCTVs work with highly sophisticated technology. You can install any CCTV as per your need. Be it an Analogue CCTV, IP CCTV, or Wi-Fi CCTV—all of these CCTVs offer quality surveillance systems helping the Police crack any criminal case or catch criminals.

Monitors Your Physical Activity  

You can use CCTV as your helper too. Through CCTV footage, you can maintain a track record of your outdoor activities like; how many times have you mowed your lawn, when was the last time you cleaned your swimming pool, or whether you were jogging too fast or slow as your morning routine. Also, it helps you monitor your breathlessness (if any) that you might have faced in your recent workout session. 


CCTVs have now become indispensable for every one of us. The CCTV market is likely to touch the $63-billion mark within the next couple of years.

Everyone should install CCTV at their home or outside their gate or door. CCTVs are available at an affordable price range to protect your hard-earned property and assets round the clock.