Most people think that your attitude is something that is ingrained in you forever and cannot be changed, but more and more experts have come out stating that your attitude is a mirror of your mood and environment. You can train your mind to ensure your mood is positive and optimistic, just as you are able to train your muscles to be leaner and bigger – this can happen in minutes and some claim even seconds. I have had the privilege of mentoring a powerful, vibrant and passionate entrepreneur who moved to Canada from Italy just a few years ago. Her name is Eleonora Andretta and she is the founder of Business Evolution Training. Currently, Eleonora is working on her book titled Positive Elimination and as part of her research, she chatted with a Neurologist who stated: “You can train your mind and your neurological system. And if you train your neurological system your mind will follow. Therefore, by training your neurological system, you can make certain reactions (emotions) automatic, just like when you learn how to drive and you no longer ‘think’ about your movements.” I feel this finding is truly amazing as it showcases just how powerful your mind really is and reminds us that we have the ability to either be positive or negative – simple as that.

So, when Mel Robbins talks about her 5-second rule to take action, or when Gary Vaynerchuck aggressively and powerfully (and sometimes vulgarly) states: “Make Positivity Louder” – they’re damn right!

So, the question is….HOW ?

I came across one of Jack Canfield’s videos where he recommended a few tips for giving your mood an instant facelift. Let me summarize them for you:


It’s simple! Putting on a smile, even if forced leads to a flood of endorphins in your brain. The movement in your face triggers this release. Endorphins improve overall happiness and reduce stress by triggering the stress-reducing hormone called cortisol.

Do a “Rampage of Gratitude”

This is an expression of over the top positive emotions. If you find yourself slipping into a negative mood, spend a moment identifying and reflecting on each thing that comes to mind that you are thankful for, from breathing, to your family, to the floor you’re standing on.


Take a few minutes to meditate; research shows as little as 3 minutes can start to alter your mind. Even one deep breath can be a mental reset, reduce stress and leave you in a noticeably better mood.

Positive affirmations

The power of a few minutes of repeating positive affirmations is something that should be used. It’s a proven technique to improve mood, reduce stress and boost your confidence. The trick is that your subconscious tends to believe what you repeatedly tell it. Choose affirmations that will uplift and inspire you, for example:

I have everything I need to do anything I want. 

Listen to uplifting music

Music affects your mind, emotions and soul. A study published by University of Missouri in 2013, concluded that participants who listened to upbeat music, even just for a brief time, reported improved mood and increased happiness.

Go outside and get a little sun

Simply go outside and walk in nature. Some studies show that people that get more sun exposure sleep better, are more alert and productive and less likely to suffer from conditions like depression.

Give someone a hug

Physical contact is one of the best mood improvers. Like smiling, giving someone a hug releases a flood of ‘feel good’ hormones that are great for reducing stress and changing your mood.

As Jack Canfield said: “Your attitude in the moment can have a big impact on your day and your life at large.” And he is spot on. I always tell people that the decisions we make in life shape the life we live, and those decisions are dictated by our “mood”, “attitude” & “environment” – which we have more control over than we think.

The fact is that the right mood, environment and an optimistic attitude leads to living a passionate life. And a passionate life leads to engagement that keeps you active and practical. This type of energy is great for business; from innovation all the way through to service, and more importantly this type of energy is great for your personal life.

What do you think? I would love to know.


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