We all strive to better perform at work and to tap into our full potential. To reach these goals, we need to know what holds us back and how to overcome it, says Georges Chahwan. Our habits are the result of the experiences we make in our lives, but they can also prevent us from experiencing everything the world has to offer. It’s important that you understand your thought patterns and question them if necessary. The following steps will help you identify any limiting beliefs or behavior that might be holding you back at work.

Ask yourself “Do I believe that anyone can achieve anything he sets his mind on?” If your answer is no, then see where this belief stems from (e.g., parents telling me when I was a child that I would never amount to anything). Think about who in your life admire(s) you for your achievements at work and about what it is that made these achievements possible.

Make a list of all the positive experiences you have had in your life so far, not just at work. Reflect on how these experiences helped you develop to become the person you are today, adds Georges Chahwan. Also, reflect on when did things start going wrong and ask yourself who was involved. Ask yourself if there are any situations that come into your mind when thinking about this period of time. What are they? What do they have in common? Why does thinking about them make you feel stuck or “unable” to make progress in your career? How can you reframe the thoughts/feelings in order to move forward? Hopefully, these questions will pave the way for you to understand your situation better and to think about how it can be changed for the better.