I genuinely believe that a positive attitude can recreate your reality. 

As the saying goes: It doesn’t matter what is true, only what you believe is true, because with work, that will become true.

Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs become your reality. 

We can all go through difficult times in our personal lives as well as our professional lives. So how do we stay positive during these challenges?

Stack Rocks

Our mindset is like a set of scales. Each and every reaction to each and every thing that happens stacks a rock on either the positive side or the negative side. Choose where to stack your rocks. 

Choose how to react

Things can happen us such as death, illness, redundancy, working with difficult team members, or rejection from promotion again and again. Whatever it may be, we can choose how to deal with it. 

We can lay down and give up, or we can fight like a dog to overcome whatever obstacle is in our way. There is only one difference between the two – our choice. So we can choose to be positive. 

Dissect the Obstacle

I like to look at an obstacle and dissect it, so that it doesn’t seem so big. Put my positive hat on and figure out the who, the what, the why the where and then when.

Often a huge obstacle can actually be pretty small when you stay positive and figure out it is only one small part of one component of the obstacle that needs to be addressed.

Look for the opportunity

So, a point that I draw from my story, (https://community.thriveglobal.com/stories/how-close-are-you-to-the-edge/) – what was the opportunity from me being ill for the best part of 4 years? Rather than think poor me, I got sick, turn it into something amazing where you can help others. I used the time to learn about myself and my own strength and resilience and what it was I really wanted out of this only life we have. 

So what is going on in your life right now that is rubbish? What can you do to change how you look at it? How can you spin it so that it becomes a good thing rather than something awful?


This is the underlying trick to positivity, in my opinion. When we are genuinely grateful for every single thing in our lives, it permeates us, it gets under our skin, it becomes part of our DNA. 

So what can we be grateful for today? I am grateful for my health. I am even more grateful that I got sick, because it made me stop and think.

Each morning, in my journal, I write down 3 different things that I am grateful for. It might sound a bit corny but it works. Try it and see! Try for 3 different things every day. Some days mine are profound, but other days it might be something as simple as my red setter Cooper wagging his tail at me, cause he thinks I am the most marvellous person on earth! 😉

Our positivity becomes infectious and it passes to the next person and the next and the next. It runs like a flywheel in the workplace. It can work wonders for our personal lives too. 

Surround yourself with the right people

Others can often affect our mood and our view on life. If we surround ourselves by people who suck the life out of you, who are negative and who view the glass as half empty, then over time so we will we. If we spend time with the water cooler whingers, then we too will become one.

The easiest thing to do is remove these people from your life. Remove jealous people. Remove people who thrive on complaining. Remove people who thrive on failure. Harsh but true. Don’t let their lack of positivity pull you down. Surround yourself with winners and you too will win. 

I love this quote: “Surround yourself with the dreamers, and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Just believe

A lot of negativity exists because people believe that they can’t. That they aren’t good enough. That there is no way they could achieve that. Why not? There is no reason why every single one of us can’t achieve exactly what we want to every single day. Just believe in your ability.

My screensaver on my computer has this phrase – believe in your ability to figure it out. So just believe in yourself. The more you believe, the more it will happen, the more it happens the more you prove to yourself that you are able. 

Take time

This one is so priceless and so so hard to do when you are sucked up into the corporate rat race and life is a never ending hamster wheel. But just stop. Take the time – I wish I did before I got sick. Take stock. Make decisions. Make plans. Change what needs to be changed. You cannot go forward and be positive without taking time out of the everyday grind.

Who am I becoming?

I love this phrase. I have it printed out and on my wall of my office. 

Every single day I look at this and it inspires me. Not who am I? But rather who am I becoming. Who am I working towards being? Then I take relentless action towards that vision which will in turn, make it my reality. 

How can you decide who you are becoming? Park who you are today. Decide who you want to be. Think big. No limits. Now set your actions to go and make it happen. Step by step. How can you inject positivity into every single day of your life to allow you to become that person? 

So I hope you found this interesting and a bit different. 

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