Never undervalue workplace safety. A proactive approach to safety has many benefits and many risks and liabilities if you don’t.  Undeniably, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way companies and employees determine what a healthy work environment looks like. Remote working is very much here to stay for many companies who have the means to do so and who recognize that the environment plays a crucial role in employee productivity. But in addition to reevaluating the structure of the workplace, the idea of health and safety has never been more at the forefront of companies’ (and employees’) minds than it is now. Not only are many of us hyper-aware of common surfaces, shared spaces, and germs, but we’re also constantly thinking about what makes a workplace healthy. That concept can mean a number of things to different people, but sanitation is definitely one of the top factors that constitute a healthy and safe work environment—and air quality is no exception.

If you wish to have a good working environment, it’s better to have an air purifier around you. Look for an air purifier that is easily reachable and available to people. Today there are many air purifiers in the market, but the Rensair is one of the best purifiers. In recent days, almost every company is looking in investing in good air purifiers at their workplace. An air purifier is helpful to use in developing the local air condition inside your office or home. In a recent report, we read that indoor air is more pollutant that contains pollutants such as Covid-19, pesticides, molds, etc. If you care for your organization then switch to air purifiers. Having a good air purifier is a need in today’s time. 

One good thing is knowing that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are realizing the correlation between air quality and productivity and are working to improve it in their respective workplaces. Rensair Air Purifier, is a hospital-grade portable purifier that provides clean air for every space. But the 1000 million dollar question is, how does an air purifier work? In this article, we will discuss Rensair Air Purifiers and why you should choose this air purifier. 

How do air purifiers work?

Every air purifiers in the market usually consist of a single filter or have multiple filters and a fan that absorbs the air and then circulates the air. When air moves into the filter, pollutants get captured, and then the clean air is pushed back into the air. We know that an air purifier sanitizes the air, removes pollutants, and makes the living air more breathable. However, the filters are made of paper or a mesh which requires regular replacement to maintain it.

Rensair’s patented design draws air in through the high-power motor, cleans it, and distributes it at 360 degrees. This design allows for Rensiar units to be effective regardless of where in the room it is placed. As a result of the patented designed use of UVC light, the filter only needs to be changed after 9,000 hours of use at which time the filter is completely clean. All other air purifiers require more frequent filter replacement which adds expense and possible exposure issues.

We would suggest you use a good air purifier that works well for your home and your office.

Is it possible to filter the outdoor air that enters the home?

It is possible to purifier your outside air using HEPA filter filters. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particular Air; it can trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns. Any filter that has a true HEPA filter can adequately filter small, large, and smoke particles.

How your air purifiers can help?

Using air purifiers can help you reduce harmful particles like gases, pollutions, etc. When you are using a HEPA filter, the air filter decreases gases or smoke around you. They serve to sanitize the surrounding air and improve the air quality. Some research also said that they can improve your blood pressure and respiratory tract.

How to choose a perfect air purifier?

When you are thinking to purchase an air purifier, you should consider these factors:

  • CADR: According to your need, you can choose higher or lesser CADR devices. Most people choose higher CADR as it has a larger filter.  
  • Filter Type: If you use a filtered air purifier, then you can confine pollutants in a filter cartridge. However, UV light-emitting purifiers counterbalance the pollutants using UV light.
  • Cost: People can find air purifiers that suit your pocket.
  • Lifestyle: We have seen some people use such air purifiers that help to make the air purifier comfortable as per their pets.
  • Conditions: Some air purifiers challenge they are also suitable for people who have allergies or asthma.
  • Warranty: Look for an air purifier that comes with a warranty.
  • Safety features: If you have children at home, you should look for an air purifier that has child safety features.

We hope you have now got an idea of what type of air purifier you should buy. Generally, an air purifier helps to remove all the bad air and make your present air breathable. Use HEPA filters or any activated carbon filters, which are suitable for homes and offices. It helps you to have a pleasant atmosphere to breathe in. In this article, we have suggested how to choose the best air purifiers for your office and help your employees feel safe and secure. It is how you can make your working environment better and comfortable for your people. We hope you have got all the insights on air purifiers. To learn more about Rensair, please visit:


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