The saying goes: “New year, new life”, and that is precisely what we all wish in 2021, for new opportunities to come, health, personal growth, work, and the recovery of production and productivity.

It is not pleasant to remember it, but the Sars-Cov 2 pandemic paralyzed the entire planet. It significantly stopped our social and family life. Recreation, travel, education, and healthcare systems collapsed like never before. And logically so did the economic activity and the production processes of goods and services, which were reduced to their minimum expression, to the point that many companies could not adapt and had to close.

But resilience is a characteristic of people and organizations, and with it, we will once again dress ourselves this year to face and successfully overcome all the difficulties that come our way, as we have done so many times in the past.

And we qualify the old saying:

“New year, new productivity”

For example, on Monday mornings to meet with the work team. In the afternoon, say, for “green exercises” on the status of products. Wednesdays for personal internal work, without meetings, and so on all week.

Another possibility of organizing ourselves for productivity is applied by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and founder of Facebook, who has the following New Year’s resolutions:

1) Lean on technology to make life easier.  

2) Educate yourself, trying to read a new book each week to learn about different cultures.  

3) Put humility into practice, writing thank you notes to those involved every day.  

4) Meet people outside the office, so that personal relationships are not limited to work. Connect with the community and meet people.  

5) Pay attention to details. Don’t let the whirlwind of work keep you from attending to the little things that are also important.  

6) Sacrifice yourself to something. Stop doing something that is usual for you and that you would like to change.  

7) Challenge yourself intellectually, committing yourself to learn something new every year, such as a language.  

8) Find ways to motivate employees, making changes in appearance, habits, clothing, or interactions.  

The alternatives to improve productivity are many, we would say that there is something for all tastes. However, most experts agree on the benefits of:

1) Take advantage of the workday early.  

2) Take care of health, diet, and exercise.  

3) Respect rest periods.  

4) Organize workdays and, if possible, plan the workday from the night before.  

5) Break up tasks into manageable periods.  

6) Avoid the tendency to “multitasking”. Whoever starts doing several things at the same time will probably do something wrong.  

7) Identify and avoid the most recurring distractions.  

8) Divide work commitments according to the Eisenhower method, attending first to the tasks that are urgent and important and putting on the agenda those that are not urgent but important. Delegating urgent but unimportant tasks if possible and discarding non-urgent and unimportant ones.  Read more and get to know about the best movers in Chicago.

The search for productivity and economic recovery are two of the greatest challenges that we will face in this uncertain 2021, a year that will undoubtedly continue to have its difficulties but that we hope to be able to move forward after the rough 2020 that has just concluded.