The knowledge to learn how to increase vertical jump and the ability to jump higher can give you many advantages over your competition. If you can explode off the ground with exceptional speed and oomph, you have a huge advantage that can help you excel in sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and gymnastics. Learning how to increase jump starts with understanding how to build and harness your power, force, and strength. Some people prefer using vertical jump training programs to learn how to increase jump.

Using the right training program can help you undertake the necessary plyometric and core exercises and resistance training. A good program also guides you on the best nutrition to maintain your body in the right condition as it performs exercises to increase vertical jump. Many people, especially athletes, have done it and so can you if you are ready to focus your efforts on the goal.

Just like any other training exercise, successful vertical jump training starts with goal setting.

Here are three reasons that you could be your goal for training to vertical jump:

1. You want to get full body explosive power

The vertical jump is often used as a measure of full body explosive power. This is due to the fact that for you to jump high, you must have the capability to recruit many major muscle groups. It is thus an excellent way of assessing and tracking a person’s full body strength and explosiveness.

You can also use the vertical jump to test your state of recovery before weight-or speed-training, or any other practice session.

how to increase vertical jump fast

2. Vertical jumps help to measure the overall athleticism of all sports

Many sports use the vertical leap as a measure of athletic fit. If you are into football, having a good vertical jump will make you a great wide receiver as you can jump ball passes past a defensive back. Volleyball players definitely require strong vertical leaps for kills and blocks during a match. And in basketball, players learn to increase vertical jump to dunk better, grab rebounds, shoot over competitive defenders and block shots.

Clearly, a strong vertical jump is not only about jumping higher. It also reflects the overall athleticism. When you learn how to increase your vertical jump, you portray the ability to take your strength and utilize it efficiently in sports that require strength, speed, and power.

So, do you want to gain an edge over your competition and dominate your space?

Dedicate more of your training time in drills and lifts to increase vertical jump. The additional minutes and effort you put into gaining more inches in your vertical will take you to greater heights in your sport. Take a look at your fellow or rival players. You’ll find that not many of them actually dedicate special training towards boosting their vertical leap. So, to separate yourself from others and develop from a good to a great athlete, use vertical jump training as your secret weapon and success will surely come your way.

3. Vertical jump training helps to create mental toughness

It is without a doubt that mental toughness is one of the cornerstones of success in sports. Every athlete needs to be mentally strong to win. Since training to increase your vertical requires willpower, you get stronger mentally in the process.

How to Increase Vertical Jump- More Benefits

Nobody tells you to jump the train, when to, or how hard to do it. It’s your decision to succeed once you set foot on the pitch or court. No one even knows about your training to improve your vertical leap. But you keep doing it because you are aware and in the desire of its great benefits. This is absolutely mental toughness.

If you are an ultra-competitive sports person, you can use the vertical jump to test your physical and mental fitness. Successfully improving your vertical leap means you not only know how to handle challenges but also seek for them. It means that you can measure your boundaries, decide to go past them and determine exactly what you are capable of achieving. If you can stick with vertical jump training, you’ll be amazed at what your body and mind can do.

Best vertical jump training program to help you “get up and go” quickly

Vertical jump training is pretty much like increasing the horsepower of a car. Now this power is in your own body and what you can do with it is measured by how quickly you can thrust your body from the ground.

how to increase vertical jump fast

You could be wondering where to start your training for a better vertical leap. The Jump Manual is a program that is specially designed to build, track and improve your horsepower. The program provides you with guidelines for proper training to transform any willing individual into a superb jumper. You will be happy to learn about the groups of muscles majorly involved in the vertical jump. The program takes you through the A to Z of training each of these muscles while avoiding possible injuries.

You also get a nutrition guide with a sample meal plan and the supplements you can take to realize optimal results. Training to increase vertical jump requires lots of working out. Your body needs to be supported physiologically to undertake the exercises without getting weak. Proper nutrition is, therefore, very important as is ensures that muscles that tear recover as quickly as possible, tendons and ligaments are strengthened and enforced better, and the nervous system is efficiently making new and improved connections.

Tips on how to eat as you train to jump higher

In essence, there are no special “jumping foods”. Improving your vertical jump is about choosing the right foods as you engage in the right training. The foods you’ll need most include:

  • Proteins, especially lean meats like turkey, chicken, fish and extra lean beef. Go for meat versions that are closest to natural. For instance, fish fillets and chicken pieces are preferable to fish sticks and chicken fingers.
  • Energy foods: You need carbohydrates in their natural state. Potatoes, rice, and whole grain items should be the carbs you are looking for.
  • Nuts are also great for both protein and energy as they contain good fats and are healthy. You can take nuts daily to balance your diet.
  • For vitamins and minerals, fruits and veggie are the best. Try leafy greens and foods with many colors. You’ll be getting all the bits and minerals to maintain your immune system in its best state as your body performs drills to increase vertical jump.
  • Crunchy and fresh apples, peaches, pears, plums, asparagus, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and such as fruits and vegetables give you plenty of healthy food. Normally, the crunchier the food is, the better.

Regardless of whether you have been active in vertical jump training or have never exercised for the same, the Jump Manual program will provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to increase jump. With a manual that designed by professionals to teach proper training that focuses on the right groups of muscles and the right nutrition, you have all you need to learn how to increase vertical jump as reap the great benefits of the improvement.

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