naor yazdan

After a remarkable recovery from a devastating heart surgery at a young age, fitness model Naor Yazdan returned to training and continued on his journey to achieve his goals. Here we find out all about how he battled past adversity and what we can all learn from his story.

Biggest success

Like everybody else, Naor knew he would have to overcome major challenges to achieve his dreams. But nothing could have prepared him for what he faced.

At the age of 27, he had heart valve replacement surgery. It was an extremely difficult time for him, along with those around him.

He admits that he thought it was game over for his days as a fitness model as he did not believe he would be able to train as he did before.

But in the face of adversity, he battled past the challenge and fully recovered from heart surgery and started training again – unquestionably his biggest success.

After making a full recovery, he now feels stronger than ever, which is clear evidence that hard work pays off.

Transforming his dream into a reality

Launched in 2019, the Naor Yazdan Fitness website was set up with a simple objective – to help people transform their bodies.

But being in shape was not always how life was for Naor.

The Israeli model, fitness model and real estate entrepreneur grew up as a skinny kid.

He went on to serve in the Israeli military force at the age of 18 and it was there that his passion for bodybuilding started and it became a regular part of his life.

He earned a personal trainer certificate from Wingate Sports Academy and started working with many people and helped them achieve their body goals.

But, since 2011, he has dedicated his life to bodybuilding and has helped thousands of people transform their bodies on his journey so far.

However, it is not only his body which has impressed, his motivation and ambition are also inspiring to people across the world.

He is on a mission to inspire more people around the world and show them that everything is possible.

Naor, who has been in the business for over a decade, is committed to his goals and will do everything in his power to achieve them.

Drive and dedication

But while he is living his dream of helping others to achieve their goals, he never forgets the difficult times that he has overcome.

He always remembers the day he started when he weighed no more than 54kg.

Naor has urged people to never give up and remember that progress takes time.

The inspirational figure also believes you must be the hardest worker in the room and has a simple motto – if you want to be the best you have got to work harder than the one above you.

As he begins each day, he never forgets those tough days that he endured.

At the beginning of his day, Naor wastes no time in getting to work and replying to e-mails from clients across the world, of which he has more than 4,000.

He then leads by example by working out at his local gym before spending time with his dogs and girlfriend – which is a regular, and crucial, part of his routine.

And as he sets his sights on the future, it is those closest to him who he anticipates spending much time with in years to come.

In a decade, he sees himself as a huge success and doing the things he loves with his family.

These are goals many across the globe will share – and he wants to help people achieve them and improve their lives.

This story reminds us all that life is not easy and it’s still magnificent at the same time. The hurdles we all face, sooner or later, are just stepping stones along a journey of understanding our purpose on earth. Some of us are blessed with less to none major setbacks on their path but still, everybody has their darkest hour and day. The sun will rise again the next day, no matter what.

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