How to Keep It Together When Things Are Falling Apart

From rising COVID cases to a falling economy to protests to end racial inequality, there’s no denying that our world is in a state of unrest.   

But are we at the mercy of the chaos that surrounds us? 

Do we have the ability – and the right – to thrive, in spite of the uncertainty that surrounds us?

Can we use our power of focus to create forward progress in the midst of what feels like a downward spiral?

The answer to each of these questions is a resounding yes, for the simple reason that each of us has the power to direct our own thoughts and create the energy field that we live within.  Deliberately generating your own energetic momentum is the secret to keeping yourself together even when things around you seem like they’re falling apart.       

The Momentum of Thought

Momentum is the principle behind Newton’s first law of physics, which states that an object at rest tends to remain static, while an object that is moving is more likely to sustain its forward motion.  And while most of us understand how this law applies to objects in our physical world, such as a sleeping dog or a train barreling down a track, it also applies to the trajectory of our most chronic and dominant thoughts. 

When it comes to our moment to moment thoughts, most of us unwittingly practice what can only be described as “reverse momentum.”  Thoughts like, “When is this going to end?” “Why is everything so hard,” or “I’ll never get ahead in this economy,” are the stuff downward spirals are made of.  And unfortunately, right now, this way of thinking is so prevalent that it’s easy to become numb to its damaging effects.  For many, lamenting the status quo and arguing for our limitations have become part of the “new normal.”  

It’s “normal” to give in to anxious or fearful imaginings.  It’s “normal” to live in a kind of perpetual state of confusion or overwhelm.  It’s “normal” to give petty inconveniences so much mental air time that we’re blind to the blessings that are, in fact, all around us.

When you understand that every thought you think generates either positive or negative momentum, it’s easy to make the connection that if you think terrible thoughts, you’ll feel terrible, and are more likely to create terrible outcomes.  But luckily, this sword cuts both ways.

Aligning Your Energy With Your Desired Outcome

Every thought you give your attention to generates momentum – either in the direction of something wanted or something unwanted.  You’re either creating positive momentum or a downward spiral.  There are no neutral thoughts.  When the momentum of your thoughts is in harmony with the positive outcomes you desire to create, you generate an energy field around you that feels high, fast, free and fabulous

With this understanding in mind, here are 3 practical steps to help you keep yourself together, even when things around you feel like they’re falling apart:  

Step #1:  Limit your consumption of frightening words and images.

We all know the importance of “social distancing” in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  But fearful news and frightening images also spread like a virus.  This is why it’s now more important than ever to be discerning with the imaginings we allow to take root in our minds and hearts.

Should you stay informed?  Absolutely.  But be mindful of your exposure to media, and consume only those reports that help you stay educated and prepared.

Step #2:  Generate your own positive momentum.

Yes, the outer world is in a state of unrest, and this is exactly why it’s so important to tend to the inner world of your thoughts, emotions and moods.  This is as simple as carving out a few minutes each day to focus your mental and emotional energy in the direction of your choosing.  

Go out of your way to look for and appreciate the wellbeing that exists all around you.   Give thanks for the blessings in your life.  Make lists of the positive aspects about your current surroundings.  By choosing to source your own positive momentum, you spread the energy of resourcefulness, optimism and generosity to all you come into contact with.  

Step #3:  Focus on the clarity that is being born from this contrast.

Each unwanted experience brings us greater clarity about what is wanted.  If we remain focused on the contrast, we’ll continue to attract more contrasting experiences into our lives.  But when we focus on the clarity the contrast has inspired within us, we begin moving in the direction of our desires.   To turn a painful or contrasting experience into clarity, simply ask yourself, What do I want?  Why do I want it?  and, How do I believe I will feel once I’ve attained it?    Then do all you can to cultivate that feeling, and to allow it to guide your thoughts and actions.

The choice is simple:  We can allow the dominant frequency of the world around us to calibrate our energy field, or we can take responsibility for deliberately cultivating the energy we wish to live in.   One choice leaves us at the mercy of world events and other people’s actions and reactions.  The other choice returns us to our power to create the kind of world we desire to live in.  


  • Christy Whitman

    Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, Law of Attraction Expert and Two Time New York Times Bestselling Author

    Christy Whitman is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book The Desire Factor will be released April 21, 2021.

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