Many individuals have periods of frustration either in short gaps or in endless mode when traveling that take away the time they should’ve used to do stuff that they will have to do at another point, which they could have potentially spent having fun and recreating in whatever way they see fit.

Whether you drive a lot for work, or if your lifestyle entails moving around often and operating from different places, you’ll need a little mobile office for when you’re not at home or at work. And we can be more flexible on the go thanks to advances in technology. With the right tools, travel or, rather, the moments of waiting and boredom on every journey, can be constructively exploited towards our goals. Increasingly powerful mobile devices, cloud data storage with global connectivity, and good compatibility between different systems enable this.

Everything comes down to organizing the process effectively. Here’s our take on this:

Plan ahead of time

It is important to plan ahead. Place all of the time-related items you’ll need (flights, appointments, activities, etc.) on your schedule, as well as all of the details you’ll need (flight numbers, hotel reservation, contacts, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

How do you want to spend your spare time until you have a good picture of the workload that awaits you? Do you want to learn more about the city? Attend a performance? Attend a gathering? Do you have a personal idea that you’re working on? Like creating a brand-new product? Think of all of the activities you might want to do, gather them up, give them priorities and according time intervals.

Don’t forget to charge the batteries of any gadgets you’ll use when traveling, and grab charging devices with you. Power banks can be your saviors. Of course, make sure that you will have access to the internet at any moment.

Your information should be synchronized

Sync the information you’ll need between all of your computers, phones and any other devices. If you don’t use much technology – put everything you need on paper.

Make a local backup of your data for cases when you lose your internet access or actually want to work offline — which is a perfect way to avoid temptations related to internet presence and to stay motivated.

Take control of the environment

The world becomes chaotic and impossible to manage while you’re out there. Perhaps you anticipated reviewing those papers during a two-hour train ride. However, you never know who could seat next to you, so I suggest carrying headsets and music with you at all times to help you focus whilst shielding you from a noisy environment. The style of music can vary greatly depending on the individual and the task at hand, which is often a good thing.

Make time for yourself

Work journeys are often exhausting. Take rest after a long day of working and before moving on to other things. Take a stroll around the neighborhood, go for a run (it would be a good idea to bring your shoes and some athletic wear to inspire you to exercise), or simply chill in the hotel. Take a break first in order to remain focused later.

Watch your diet

According to NiceLocal, when you are traveling your diet changes dramatically, which can have a huge effect on your productivity. Changing time zones, more or less healthy restaurant dinners at the end of the day can cause inner fatigue and heaviness, begging you to go to sleep. Eat nutritious and light foods a few times in a day (frankly, you should do that even when you are not traveling). That way, you’ll keep your energy level and never feel too burdened. But don’t forget to treat yourself either by ordering grilled fish with salads instead of the regular high energy menu.

Prepare for the Unexpected

You must be prepared for something, anything. Things happen while you travel: appointments change, flights are postponed, and so on. This offers chances for unexpected spare time, which, if not thoughtfully spent, would be unproductive and frustrating.

Be Familiar with Your Destination

Find out where you’ll be sleeping and amenities close by before you arrive. What is the location of the nearest convenience store where you can get some snacks? Is the conference center easily accessible by foot? Determine how difficult it would be to find a taxi, particularly at night if you are not in a high-traffic area, it might be easier to arrange for a car service. When you need a place to eat at and you are not familiar with your destination, you can use search for restaurants near me.

Knowing this ahead of time will save you precious nerve cells when you arrive, allowing you to easily manage relaxing and working moments.


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