Long Distance Relationship Spark

Lovers in a long distance relationship know all too well that is can be super challenging to go through. Although when we see our significant other next, we remember that everything is worth it.

Many of us try to continue our normal lives while waiting until the next time we see each other. However, in the meantime, it is imperative that the spark is kept alive. It is important to put in the effort to maintain the lively bond between you and your partner. So, how do you keep the spark alive while in a long distance relationship?

Go on a virtual date

Make a set time and date to Skype each other that fits both of your schedules. Set up a virtual date and enjoy the company of your partner.

Here are some ideas for a virtual date:

  • Make a meal together
  • Do crafts
  • Play online games
  • Have dinner date (depending on your time zone)
  • Have a drawing or painting night

Send a surprise letter or package

You don’t have the send the most extravagant thing you can think of. A simple thing such as a cute, romantic letter will leave a positive mark on their day. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put in, not matter how big or small.

Create a Bucket List Together

This is a fun way to think of some stuff to complete together next time you see each other. The bucket list can include something very mediocre or something very crazy, just to have a little fun. The possibilities are endless for your bucket list.

Play mini games on your phone

There are so many apps where you can play multiplayer games together for free. Check out your app store or you can also use my personal favorite which are the Facebook Messenger games.