To prevent the spread of any virus and disease, you must act responsibly, thereby take appropriate measures. Accordingly, the pandemic is not only about washing your hands, but it is also about washing your hands in the right way. It would help if you made a difference by encouraging people around you to wash their hands regularly.

With the rapid escalation of the pandemic, hand washing is the only alternative left with people to prevent the transmission of the virus. You must know that if you wash your hand but carelessly, it will not provide the necessary barrier to protect you from the virus. Many skin experts will provide you with essential tips to keep your hands healthy, says Bradley Beman.

Some crucial tips to keep your hands healthy as advised by Bradley Beman

Listed below are some essential tips that can keep your hands healthy despite frequent washing.

Regularly wash your hands with lukewarm water

You must know it is better to wash your hands with lukewarm water then hot water because hot water would dry your skin and not provide better results. If you frequently wash your hand with hot water, it will strip off all the natural oils necessary for making your hands look healthy. Therefore do not use hot water, but you should go for lukewarm water and be generous while adding soap.

Try to use a good quality moisturizing soap

If you use inferior quality soap, then it might dry your skin, leading to cracking. Therefore it is advisable to wash your hand with a good soup that is intensely moisturizing and has a creamy consistency. You must read the ingredients before purchasing the soap. Buy a product that contains lanolin and glycerin, recommend Brad Beman.

Many dermatologists believe that frequent use of bar soaps might damage your hand skin. Therefore you should always try to opt for liquid soaps that do not have high pH so they would not dry your hands.

After washing, do apply moisturizer

If you do not seal water into your skin after you finish washing your hand, it might cause dryness as water acts like a magnetic device that will bring out water from the deepest layer of the skin and evaporate it. As a result, the skin will appear tighter and even drier. Hence, to ensure that your skin does not lose its natural oil, you must apply a hand cream right after washing it.

Many dermatologists believe that creams and ornaments are better than applying lotion as they have too much water content. It would help if you did not rub your hand to dry it with a towel, but you should dab it. Rubbing your hands with a towel might lead to micro-abrasions on the skin of your hand. Each person should keep their individual. Do not leave your hands wet after washing because indicators are breeding grounds for germs, suggest Bradley J Beman.