The unpredictability and raise of corona cases warn us. During the first wave of coronavirus, in all over the world, government have to take many unfavorable decisions such as closures of businesses and schools, curfew and lockdown and other safety steps. Coronavirus bring rapid changes in our life style in order to protect ourselves. However, Asia was the first whose people have to experience coronavirus then rapidly it spreads everywhere. Government impose lockdown and we understood it is temporary. It bought some sense and hope when country began to reopen and academic activities resume. But now, cases are increasing and we have to back to the same restrictions for our health and protection.

In medical terminology, second wave is actually a resurgence of infection after the initial decrease. Each wave of pandemic is new, scary and stressful. In that situation, we are living in stress every time. At the same time, we try to keeping our mind calm in 2nd wave of corona. It is important to take care of our mental health. Due to novel coronavirus, people are living in stress when they isolate themselves and nobody was there, large public gatherings were avoided. When you isolate yourself, you may think more stressing than ever. Moreover, much of world is an uneasy state of lockdown. In order to keep our mind peaceful and healthy during 2nd wave of coronavirus, here you go! I am sharing some tips:

Things to do for Mental Health

Mental health has paid an important role in this pandemic situation as living in tough circumstances is not easy; It can affect your health as well. These few tips can make you feel good in this situation:

  • Spending Time with Family

This is very easy and effective way to overcome any mental stress you are following because spending time with your wife or children make you feel alive and you forget all the mental & physical stresses you are facing.

  • Arranging an isolated Party

This is another safe and sound way to keep yourself entertained during this pandemic situation as you can arrange a Meeting room Manger and giving him task to get you a good party so that you and your Childs can enjoy with limited peoples.

Show your anxiety who is your boss

The first step to cope up with anxiety is to control your thoughts. I admit, being alone is not easy but we can engage ourselves for our mental and physical health during pandemic. We can play games, do exercise, contact our friends, and watch movies. During quarantine, we can set couple of goals. This way, we can control ourselves from negative thoughts.

Learn from first wave

There is more to learn from our past experiences. After long period of lock down, now we have to be proactive. Take the safety steps and do exercise for being healthy. Take safety measures whether it is social connections or your health.

Learn and gain

During the lockdown of 2nd wave, it is good to avoid screen time and scrolling on social media. Health experts suggest that, spending more time on screen can harm our mental health. According to the study, 60 percent of people spent their quarantine on internet and by watching TV shows. It is really important to manage screen time and use that time in productive manner such as taking online courses, attending online meetings and webinars, etc. These activities shows some meaningful social connections and most importantly, we gain skills.

The only solution is precautions

Since, we experience stress in first wave of corona, we learnt a lot of things. We understood that in the 2nd wave of corona, we only need to take precautions as per suggested by public health sector. We also have to take care of our mental and physical health. Undoubtedly, there is nothing more important than our mental health.