caroline zalog

Motivation is, pretty much, the biggest driving factor when it comes to doing anything right – and sometimes keeping it where it actually needs to be in order for you to get stuff done is rather hard to do, even for Caroline Zalog, a social media powerhouse who can share some valuable tips with us. The way she tends to recharge herself would be through either doing whatever hobbies she loves most or through the work that she is currently carrying out! Either way, motivation is getting stuff done for her. In the era of social media overload where it’s pretty inevitable to become unmotivated as a consequence of comparison with others, having some workarounds in place is crucial to carry on our life.

Motivation And Social Media – Burning Passion

Passion is the fuel of motivation, but not everything in this world is able to ignite that passion into the useful flame it has potential to become. Caroline, however, has found a way to keep both her passion flame burning AND her motivation fuel in the amounts needed for a healthy, lovingly passionate life overall!

The main contributors to her overall motivation would be the work which she absolutely loves doing as well as her hobbies, whenever she can actually find time to do them! A busy work life could be tiring for some, but not for Caroline! The work which she does is very much beloved by her and many others, and in the case of her FITTY project, it’s also helping people all over the world – which Caroline adores doing! So here the tip is pretty obvious: know yourself and find your mission. That rooted inner fire that makes us feel alive. We all have it, even in our darkest hours. Our society has brought up many problems but if there’s one huge benefit of today’s worlds is the possibility for almost anybody to transform our “fire” and passion into a career.

Morale Uplifter – Keeping Yourself On Track

Morale is yet another very important aspect of being able to keep yourself afloat as an influencer – and it is also heavily linked to your motivation for something and the passion which you hold for said something, and a deficiency in either fields can severely impact morale, just like a low morale can heavily impact the other two aspects!

This is why keeping your morale up high is extremely important – and this can be done by either having a career which you very much enjoy, hobbies which you can retreat to when times are tough, or just a very good support from those around you overall!

Caroline is actually very grateful for the fact that, when times are tough and morale is low, she can always either appeal to her mother for all the support she needs! As a whole, Caroline has a very tightly-knit family – especially when it comes down to her mother and her grandmother! In an average week, she can be found speaking with her mother on a pretty much daily basis, going as far as actually ringing her mother a couple times a day!

If that’s not a good mother-daughter relationship, we don’t know what is!

Yet another splendid connection that Caroline has with one of her family members would be the relationship she has with her grandmother – with whom she talks several times a week!

Have a nice and stable support structure is almost critical to someone’s overall morale – especially when that stable support structure comes from within one’s own family. Caroline is very happy with the fact that she has multiple people who she can lean on when time are tough, and she’d happily do the same for them!

This, along with her beloved projects, her wonderful hobbies, and her burning passion for the things that she does in her career all add up to a great overall morale – which has helped her greatly throughout the years as a whole, and is granted to continue helping her in both the near and the distant future!

Caroline’s a lovely young woman who took advantage of today’s digital market and internet demand while keeping herself humble and with the eyes on a long term major goals such as a stable career, an entrepreneurship legacy and values such as a family. You can follow her at @carolinezalog.