Isn’t it the most frustrating place to be, when you know you’re meant for more, yet feel you need to hustle for every next client or sales?

You might need to raise your prices, Increase the number of sales, Start delegating instead of doing everything yourself.

Whatever it is, you’re done with where you are at right now and so ready for the next step.

Yet… you get nervous when you think about taking the leap.

And your mind starts spewing thoughts like: 

“I am not ready”. 
“Right now I just don’t have the time, I need to finish project X first.” or “In two months from now, I will have the money to invest…

Here’s how you know what what is, and if you are ready for the next step:

  1. You’re secretly jealous when you see other people’s success on social media. Which only means you’re meant to do the same, but you’re not allowing yourself to got there. 
  2. You feel frustrated because people don’t see your value (aka clients don’t come running with their credit cards in hand ready to work with you!)
  3. You feel really excited and nervous when you think of being fully booked, hiring your team, or hitting consistent $25 K months

TRUTH: Your body and your emotions will guide you seamlessly to your next step. 

If you follow the signs, the right people and opportunities will come to your path. You watch the movie that gives you that one insight. Or you get prompted to reach out to that one connection that boosts your visibility. 

Only when you get in your head and start to question everything, you make it hard to know if you’re ready for the next step.

If you would listen to your heart without overthinking, what would be the one thing you would do today?