✨✨There are over 200 styles of breathwork and all of them are not created equal. Each do something different for the body, mind, and spirit.

There’s no need to know hundreds of breathing techniques; learn the difference between a few that makes sense for your clients and community.


Some styles of breathwork activate the body, meaning they energizes you, elevates heart rate, respiration, digestion, chemical releases, while boosting mood and energy.


Some styles of breathwork restore the body, meaning they help rest, restore, and rejuvenate you. These styles are used for relaxation, mood imbalances, stress, anxiety, and sleep.

✨Look at the breathwork technique you desire to use with your clients and intuitively note – is this activating or restoring?

What makes this technique activating/restorative?

Is this beneficial to the intention of the session that I am leading?

Learn 33 Simple Breathwork Techniques in the book, Breathe – curated for Mood, Energy, Inner Healing, Relaxation/Grounding, and Sleep.

This book will help you build a Breathwork Tool Kit as a coach, therapist, healer, or teacher while you learn and study the techniques most applicable to you and your community.

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