How To Know Yourself and Focus You Energy Properly So You Can Avoid Working Hard On The Wrong Things... Dre Baldwin

In episode #1139 of Work On Your Game [The MasterClass Audio Experience], titled “It Takes More Than Hard Work,” I laid out the 8 “ingredients” that all successful people must include when baking their “cake” of success. 

The first ingredient is making wise choices. 

Within that point is your understanding of what you’re good at (and not good at) so you make sound decisions about where to invest your energy.  

Bad time and energy investments will cost you more than any mistake you could make in any other area. 

We are each unique in some way. Which means you can’t bake your best possible “cake” by blindly following what someone else has done. Their ingredients are at least slightly different from yours. 

You can use their frameworks and strategies, but you can’t copy their every action. 

Your time is better spent learning and knowing yourself. The better you know you, the more easily and smoothly you can implement what you learn from others, and the better chance that you put it to good use. 

When you know yourself thoroughly, you can quickly and easily choose: what to do, and more importantly, what not to do — even when it’s worked great for someone else, you’ll know it’s not for you. 

Many of us spend too much time doing things that we should never have even started, because we don’t know us well enough. 

A person who knows themselves well gets really comfortable turning things — jobs, “opportunities,” time commitments, ideas — down. 

Because they can decipher really easily what will work for them and what would be a waste of time and energy. 

If you’ve found yourself doing too many things that just don’t seem to fit you, divert some of that “trying things” time into learning YOU. 

It will make your decisions a lot better. 

In my book Work On Your Game, I share with you how I figured out what worked for me — and what didn’t, which was just as important. 

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