When people ask what is Feminine energy there is an assumption that it only pertains to women. They believe that it means you care too much, that you are sensitive and emotional, and think it is a combination of all the traits that consider women “weak.” The reality of the matter is that the Feminine energy is so much more than that. The Feminine energy is tapping into your creative side and going with the flow of what the universe has to offer. In today’s world, we are so caught up in the go, go, go that we tend to forget what we are meant to be doing in this lifetime. 

As a multi passionate-entrepreneur and someone who tapped into their feminine energy after living a reckless life of unhealthy habits, I learned that there is so much more to life than just the hustle. I took a step back, focused on where I was mentally, and realized what it is that I wanted to do with my life. I’m now a life coach, speaker, teacher, and self-proclaimed witch who wants to help others tap into finding themselves and embracing who they are actually meant to be. 

The best part of letting your feminine energy lead in your life is knowing that you won’t feel stressed or anxious because you are following the path that is meant for you. It’s when you really let go and let life be that you learn that what is yours will be yours. Leading your business in the feminine is so beneficial to not only yourself but also those you are serving. Have you ever met someone who just radiates happy energy and brings a sort of calmness around them? That kind of person who everyone wants to be around because of how effortless they make life seem. That is a person who leads with their feminine energy, and someone you should strive to be. 

Leading with Feminine is not a trait that should be seen as “weak” or mainly for women. It’s an energy that helps guide you into the very life you are meant to live. Here are a few tips and words that I live by and have helped me lead my business with feminine energy. 

  1. DO what makes you FEEL good. Let your heart lead you 

I know most people will tell you that letting your heart lead is the worst thing you can do when running a business. I’m here to tell you that they are absolutely wrong. Yes, you should think logistically when it comes to logistical things in your business, but no you should let it govern every little thing in your business. Without there being love and passion for what you are doing at some point you will burnout. 

  1. Don’t do something because someone else told you to. IF it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it 

The worst thing you can do for yourself first is letting people tell you how to run your business. This also goes for letting people tell you what to do in general. You are who you are and your gut feeling is a very real thing. Not many people are in touch with their intuition, but as someone who is tapped into their feminine energy, you are. You know what you need to do and if it doesn’t feel right or it feels off then you have every right to not do it. 

  1. Work with your cycle and not against it 

Okay maybe this is the only time the feminine energy is meant for women, but use this as an advantage. There are certain phases in your cycle that help with different mental aspects of your life. For example, your luteal phases (the time right in between finishing ovulation and before starting your period) is the time to get stuff done. You are at your most organized self in this phase and scheduling your work around this will be so beneficial in the long run. 

  1. Love is a Must 

Remember that as a feminine woman, your top need is love and connection. So don’t put your business above your loved ones or you’ll pay the price with a beautiful burnout 

  1. Be Authentic

Your feminine radiance that is authentic is what will attract all the business (and life) opportunities. Being a fake version of yourself will drain you and cause burnout