The holy Quran is a complete code of life for the Muslims of the whole world. There are solutions of every problem and guidelines relating to every phase or aspect of human life in Quran. Quran promotes learning and education in human life as it started with the word “iqra” which refers to read. It guides the Muslims in structuring and molding their life according to the rules developed by the Allah almighty from the birth till death of a person.

Quran and the Human Value.

Islam as a religion proliferated into the entire world basically because of good manners and human values. There are several references of Quran and hadith which gives lessons on human values. There are some human attributes which are mentioned in Quran and the teachings of holy prophet (peace be upon him). Some of them which constitute a better human being are honesty, reliability, politeness, decency, courage, honor, self-respect, respect for others, good temper, and willingness to forgive others.

Here we will discuss about the basic teachings of Islam regarding human value and learn Quran with reference to Quran and hadith.

Use Good Deed to Stop Evil Deeds

The holy Quran clearly gave message in the ayah (41:34) that use your good deeds as a means to repel the deeds of your enemies. Eventually with your good deeds they will be your friends after some time. Islam promoted virtuous and good deeds by the lesson of patience, truth, and pardon to resolve minor clashes and conflicts. It also gives the lesson of mutual consultation in decision making to avoid conflicting consequences.

Prohibition of Human Killing

In the Quran (4:92), Allah almighty clearly declared that if a Muslim intentionally kills another Muslim, it is not considered as righteous. If someone kills a Muslim by mistake, then he should pay blood money and set free a Muslim slave to get himself free from this sin. If someone cannot pay the blood and poor enough that he cannot set free a Muslim slave, then it is obligatory for him to fast for two months in a row. This interpretation of the quranic phrase (4:92) clearly describes the significance of human and its value in Islam.

Equality in Granting Rewards to Muslim Men and Women

The Quran and hadith never discriminated men and women for the rewards of their good deeds. All the rewards given by Allah almighty are similar for whole Muslim ummah with no discrimination of men and women. In the Quran (3:195), Allah almighty clearly said that he accepts the prayers of all righteous workers whether a person is male or female. They all are equal. In another reference to Quran (33:35) Allah almighty depicted this equality of men and women for the forgiveness and reward especially for those who submit, who are humble, who give charity, who fast, who safeguard their chastity and who remember Allah almighty.

Economic Welfare for Depressed Classes

Islam has also taken some serious measures to promote welfare for the depressed and miserable classes of the Islamic society. Through zakat and sadaqah, Muslims who are having good financial conditions give charity and donation as per the prescribed requirements in Islam and Quran. Sadaqah is usually considered as voluntary donation or charity. However, zakat is compulsory to pay by the financially stable Muslims. These measures narrow down the class differences between rich and poor classes of society. It also reduces poverty in the society. All these economic measures help in promoting human values by generating emotions in rich classes to help the needy Muslims. It also promotes a welfare society where everyone gets basic needs of living the life.

Prescribed Rights for Different Groups of Mankind

There are several hadith and qur’anic verses which focus on promotion of basic human rights. There are some prescribed rights of relatives, parents, children, neighbors, and minorities which are necessary to follow for the Muslims. All these mentioned rights promote human value if they are fulfilled according to the Islamic teachings. These rights help in generating a harmonious society where everyone is getting their rights, no matter from which class they belong and what relation they have with other Muslims. Moreover, according to Islam every Muslim is a brother of another Muslim which promotes sense of harmony and peace.

You can learn all in detail in the Quran, either you can learn Quran own your own and there are various people provide this facility to join online tajweed courses.