let go of anger and live happy

Anger is a normal emotion that can affect anyone due to different reasons. It may be brought by bad memories of the past events, or situations at hand such as relationship difficulties, or even missing your promotion in the place of work. In most cases, anger is caused by another person that makes you to feel some emotional burst or rage. It is also important to note that different people express anger in different ways. Some people sweat, others shiver or just get numb. In this article, we have some of the most important tips to help you let go of anger and live happily thereafter:

Take deep breathe

Take time to relax your emotions by taking deep and controlled breathing. This relaxation technique is known to bring about calmness as you watch your breathing, both through the nose, and through your mouth. At this point, you have to get a comfortable seat or even a recliner to give you an ample position to make deep breaths.

Think before you speak

It’s always the best practice to keep your mouth shut until when you are relaxed. Whenever you are angry, you might find yourself speaking all sorts of things, bad or good. This can worsen the situation if you don’t have control over your mouth. You need to at least take time to think before you speak so that you don’t find yourself in more trouble than you are.


Get a trusted friend and make your emotions known. Talk over the issues and get some better ways to solve your problems. It has been proven that problem shared is half solved. When you share, you feel relieved and better to deal with the problem in a sober way.

Change your environment

If you are in a frustrating environment, or a place that reminds you of the past bad memories that gives you the wrong emotions, it is good to move to a new place that makes you feel relaxed. You may find yourself that whenever you visit some place, it triggers old memories, and anger. If you live in such an environment, you may need to consider relocating to a new place.

Get some music

Music is therapy. Get some comforting music and you will find yourself relieved after listening to that favorite song. Of course, you can also get some comedy, and no sooner, you will find yourself smiling again. Whatever makes you happy, don’t hesitant to immerse yourself in whenever you feel some anger triggers.

Get some exercise

Physical activity is the surest way to release tension. It is known to help in reducing stress, as in most cases, stress is the cause of anger as we have mentioned. In this scenario, you can jog, walk around, or run as a way of relaxing your body while releasing tension and stress.

Seek help

You may also need to seek professional help of a psychologist or counsellor if the problem is deep and the above methods cannot solve. You will need emotional surgery to heal your past memories that brings about anger, or to know how to conduct yourself to avoid such triggers, or to deal with the problem of anger whenever it arises.

Author information: Korir Shadrack is an accomplished writer and author of many blogs among them, The Best Potato Dicer, and other niche articles. He is also an entrepreneur, and a student among other titles.