The coronavirus pandemic has become a global crisis that is causing a lot of distress to people from all walks of life. The physical, emotional, and mental toll the coronavirus is taking on the world’s population is immeasurable. People are forced to stay home when most businesses have been shut down. Businesses have to lay more and more workers off as no incomes are generated. Airlines keep cancelling flights to adjust to the newest travel restrictions imposed by different countries. Families being separated by countries going into lock-downs and the lack of modes of transportation.

In the face of all the chaos, how do we keep our sense of self without losing it? How can we even stabilize, or even increase, our money flow in this economically challenging period?

Take (Good) Care of You

One of the items we often overlook, especially in times of crisis, is self-care. Rather than getting yourself caught in all the turmoil around the virus, why not take some time off and focus on activities you enjoy? If you have recently traveled and are under self-isolation, maybe you could allocate some time every day to finally commit to your yoga practice? To paint? To practice your vocal skills? If you have been wanting a stay in a nearby resort or hotel, why not take the time to stay there for a few nights (at potentially discounted rates)? At optimal state, your body gives you the sense of well-being that makes many things easier to achieve, including the ability and the energy to be more productive, which translates to more money flow.

Relax Into Possibilities, Not Stressing about the Impossibilities

If life B.V. (Before-Virus) has not been easy, then life A.V. (After-Virus) could cause anxiety levels to skyrocket. Anxiety can become problematic by disrupting proper biological functions such as sleeplessness and developing undesirable coping mechanisms such as drinking. Watching the news all day long is not going to help you combat the virus. Sleeping with your phone with the newest notifications popping up all night long is not going to help you make sound choices. Anxiety is just going to put people in reaction, not in action. Rather than obsessing over something you cannot change, why not do something that will keep yourself relaxed and create more space for you? Space is where you can come up with creative solutions. Stress is what you experience when you are trying to change things that cannot be changed at the present.

Take advantage of all the Price-Cuts

With most industries facing unprecedented difficulties, prices, particularly those in tourism and retail, have dropped their prices for services and products significantly.  Many stores are starting to liquidate their inventory to create cash flows to get by. You can visit an antique, jewellery or tapestry store these days and you would find never-before-seen deals that might be way under its actual value. When the crisis is over and prices stabilize again, you will find you have made some profits from such undervalued purchases.


  • Kayla Leung

    Global Entrepreneur

    Kayla Leung is a Global Entrepreneur that owns and manages multiple businesses in tech and financial industries. Kayla's education includes a doctorate in clinical psychology, a bachelor’s in economics and commerce, and a degree in fashion. Kayla’s expertise and talents include public speaker, Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitator, philanthropist, managing director, angel investor, therapist, etiquette consultant, jewelry designer, writer, buyer and business consultant. With all her experience, she has been facilitating classes and workshops around the world to inspire others. Her empowering talents spreads across many cultures, languages, and countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe. Follow @drkaylaleung.