Authenticity is the buzzword of the millennium. Everyone talks about it. Everyone agrees how valuable it is to be authentic. It’s also, sadly, a very rare commodity.

Have you ever noticed how “authentic” people all seem to say the same things, post the same images on Instagram, and do identical stuff?

That’s not authentic. So, the question is, how do we live an authentic life without turning into an insincere lemon trying and failing to be authentic?

5 Ways You Can Live A More Authentic Life

Begin By Defining Your Values

What are your values? It’s an important question. You see if you don’t know how you want to live your life and can’t articulate it – you can’t live authentically. You can only be true to yourself when you know yourself.

Take some time out and ask what matters to you. Then write it down. Ask yourself what each thing really means and how it ought to look when you manifest that aspect of yourself. Write that down to.
Now, you have a means of checking yourself and your approach to life and a guide to living right. Pretty easy, huh?

Keep An Open Mind

Authenticity is in our every interaction. If you approach every situation with a proscribed way to deal with it – you can’t be authentic because you can’t adapt and grow.

An open mind doesn’t mean tolerating things you don’t like or which are wrong for you but it does mean learning to see the world through the eyes of other people.

When you see how others manifest their emotions and vulnerability, you can show your emotion and vulnerability more clearly too. This doesn’t put you at risk, either, it increases the chances of forming meaningful relationships with others.

What’s The One Thing Everyone Should Know About You?

Imagine you’re going to be dropped on a desert island with a group of people and you’re only allowed to tell them one thing about yourself, what is it?

This isn’t a question designed to get you humble bragging, it’s there’re to help you consider who you really are and to help you articulate that.

You may find that asking this question of other people around you can help too. As you work with someone else to answer it, you will find that you have to break down barriers to find a meaningful answer. Your authentic self is waiting for you to find it.

Recognize When You’re Not Being True To Yourself

We all do it. We all have moments when we say things we don’t mean or act in a way that we know we shouldn’t.

If you can stop after the fact and ask yourself “why?” Then you can start to take action to stop doing it in the future.

You need to explore your fears and limiting beliefs and identify them. This way you can start to shine a light into your dark places and make them disappear and stop holding you back.

Stick With Your Gut

Your intuition or “gut feeling” is the real you. When you start feeling like you’re acting out of synch with a situation, that’s your body trying to tell you that your authenticity is lacking.

Listen to yourself. Recognize when things are going off track and ask yourself how you can get them back on track.

It’s not always easy to follow your intuition because all too often we’ve been pressed to ignore it in the past but when we start allowing our instincts to guide us; we return to the state we’ve always wanted to be in.


Being the authentic you doesn’t mean joining the crowd and surrendering your identity. To the contrary, it means working out what matters to you and then allowing yourself to manifest that. You have to stay in touch with your “inner you” during this process and be prepared to call yourself out when you stray from the path.