How to Live Life

The power to think and act is special to human beings and we must exercise this power in whatever we do.

The major hindrance “to think and act” is an alliance between our opinion about ourselves and how we should live our life. To live life more consciously we need to break this alliance and focus on these two factors independently.

In the first case, when we make an opinion, we keep ourselves on a higher level, which means we consider ourselves different from others and in that consideration, we pose ourselves as superior.

This superiority is reflected in our thoughts and actions. In whatever we do, we begin comparing ourselves with others and take key decisions of our lives. It gets into our habit and makes us do things unconsciously.

It creates a chain like we meet one person in life whom we admire, we want to become like that person, we copy the traits of that person, get a superior feeling, and then find the next person to admire and copy.

We do this unconsciously, churning out copies of human traits.   

Breaking the Habit

Some habits may seem useful.

For example, we often read about people who have transformed their lives by doing a particular thing, and we also want to give it a try. At that moment, we start believing that key to the happiness of our lives, the missing link, is that one thing which we are not doing.

This unconscious habit of copying others, setting other people as standard, and achieve that standard to feel superior or make our lives better than what we have now tied ourselves into a never-ending loop.

To break this habit, we must keep ourselves in the center, and learn about our “self” and do things that make that “self” happy.

Demolish the Boundaries

There are many boundaries we have set against “living our life”. Some boundaries are social, some are mental, and others are physical.

We live our entire life within these boundaries because again we attach a sense of superiority to them.

A common example is we decide what we should wear and where should we live within these boundaries. And we create opinions based on that, like a person of a certain age should get married, a person of a certain age should wear this, a person studying should behave like this.

We act and live within the periphery of the boundary, like a cow tied to a post, whereas the world and our ability to do the things in the world is vast.

To live life with a conscious mind, we need to see things in a more open perspective. We need to get into the life, whatever may come, explore the world with a conscious, open mind, and to do that we need to demolish the boundaries we have set to live our life in certain away.

Follow No Pattern

The moment you see that you are following a certain pattern, getting married at a certain age, making a boyfriend because everybody near you is having a boyfriend, wanting to make money as most of the people around you are rich, you need to stop right there.

Keep yourself in the center, shake off pattern, think consciously like what you want and start living a life that you totally own.