To gather pieces together to get to your dreams in life has proven difficult for many individuals. For others, it’s because of life pressures that don’t let them set a minute aside to discover themselves, and for others, it’s fear. For others, it could be engaging in unhealthy relationships or bad habits. 

According to the American Institute of Health, 33% of people report feeling very stressed. 77% of the people experience stress that affects their physical health.

73% have stress that impacts their mental health. The good thing is I am a high-performing coach with extensive knowledge and skills in coaching, helping men live their best lives. 

My Journey

All was not glory for me as I was a shy kid. I was also the smallest in high school that got me bullied. One thing that kept me strong was that I have always been happy about myself. That is one of my strengths. 

If you are different from others, you are meant to do great things and change your world.

After high school, I didn’t know what to do with my future. I knew I did not want to follow the crowd or how society dictates. I eventually went to the military, and my grades gave me a high chance of becoming a leader. I underwent training for two years and became a great and competent sergeant. 

Starting My First Company

I spent six years in the military, learning a lot about leadership and interacting with people. I, however, got into a corporate job where I led a team of 65 people. The opportunity was pleasant. However, I still felt that I was not 100% living to my full potential. 

I gradually started building my first company, First Row Digital, a social media marketing agency. By this time, I grew on social media as an influencer, which blended well with my firm. My theme shifted to fitness on social media. 

Transitioning to Coaching

Again, I felt like I was not doing enough and needed to impact people. I settled on coaching. And that was my moment of change that I’ve felt like happiness every single day. 

That was crazy because I wasn’t making that much money. I, however, felt fulfilled because I could decide everything myself.

Helping other Male Entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs, giving them a technical life plan to achieve greatness to make a million-dollar impact. If people want to make a lot of money, they need to impact people in a good way. I’m not going to help people make money for a Lamborghini. It would help if you did something good to help others, train artists, coach artists.

My mission is to help at least 1 million people live their lives to the fullest potential. By creating leaders, we’re doing the same. So it’s more like a pyramid scheme of positivity of growth, which is the core driver of me right now.

Become who You Want

From my success story, it is evident that if you want to thrive in life, follow your heart. I knew I wanted to impact lives, though initially not having clarity on what exactly. After the military, I got into corporate as a leader and social media from the skills of interaction I had learned. I did not stop there until I found my purpose in coaching. 

Determination and mindset also highly contributed to my growth. My attitude always allowed me not to follow crowds. It led me to my different endeavors and into entrepreneurship. Determination was when I slowly uncovered my path. 

I find success and joy in impacting people, and I believe I live my life on purpose.

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