In a business setting, it’s important to represent your company in a way that shows professionalism. How you dress speaks volumes about how you run your organization; this is why it’s important to dress the part during all types of professional meetings and social events. Busy people sometimes fail to comprehend the importance of proper work attire, but this is a huge mistake. The way you dress says a lot about your credibility level; I’m going to teach you how to dress professionally.

I interviewed a number of fashion and dress bloggers and asked them how to look impressive at any gathering, especially at parties and meetings. Here are the answers I got.

Put On What Makes You Feel Like A Million Bucks

Amanda Munz, Founder of The Fashion Foundation, said,

‘Put on what makes you feel like a million bucks, even if it’s affordable! No matter what the price tag says, make sure you feel confident in the pieces you’re wearing.  You should always know what types of styles make you feel confident, so if you have a gathering to go to, you don’t have to question last minute what to wear and have to try on a bunch of different outfits that will make you feel overwhelmed.  Some of my favorite gowns I’ve worn to galas were my go-to style from my go-to brand, form fitting and stretchy.  Even though they weren’t designer, I felt like a queen walking through the room!’

Just Look Confident

Thomas Fultz, CEO and Founder of Coffeeble, has the following tip for us.

‘The best way to look impressive at parties is to actually look confident, not the part. Sometimes, people will wear stuff that is just so unique at a party, but if they cannot back that up with a good personality, nobody is going to want to talk to them. Before you are a good dresser you have to be good at conversation. If you can do both this is where you will start winning really big. You are there to let others know who you are, but the party you may have to be more extroverted, so take it up to the top and see how you can become a social butterfly in one event.’

Listen To Others

Zoe Alexander the founder of Simply Lovely Energy said,

One of the best ways to look impressive at parties is to actively listen to others. Though it may seem counterintuitive to try to impress others this way, by listening and asking good questions, people will remember you for your charm and how you made them feel good about themselves. 

Have A Good Night’s Sleep

The tips that I can suggest to you is first, you have to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep for a better complexion in the morning. Sleeping helps your skin to have an increase in blood flow. Lack of sleep is one of your worst enemies since it can make you look lifeless and causes your skin to be unhealthy. It also makes your eyes look puffy which gives you additional work in covering it up.

Second, you must first check what kind of party or gathering you’re going to, before picking an outfit. If there is a theme indicated, then you must match it. There is nothing more awkward than dressing up in a prom gown when the theme is Halloween. If there’s no theme, then you can pick anything you’re comfortable with – from a maxi dress, a cocktail dress, dressy casual, all the way to jeans.

Lastly, you should be careful when picking shoes. It must match your whole outfit. Don’t choose a color that goes against the color of your clothes since it will make you look bad. Choose a color that is one shade darker than your outfit to make a set.

Wear Less Jewelry

Laura, the owner and founder of has the following tips for women,

“The number one rule when it comes to jewelry is ‘less is more’.

You want to choose a few key pieces that will work with your dress. If you opt for some nice dramatic earrings with a dainty bracelet, skip the necklace!

Metal-based jewelry complements every single dress style and color. The secret is to find the best metal color that suits your personal skin undertones for the most pulled-together look.

If you have cool undertones, silver jewelry will look amazing on you. Gold jewelry works best for those with warmer skin undertones. 

Checking the vein color on your wrists is the quickest way to find your skin undertones. If your veins appear blue, you are most likely cool. If they look green, you are probably warm. If you notice a mix of both blue and green, you are likely a neutral and can pull off both metals!