How can you love your body when your body doesn’t always love you back? It is tough to answer this question, as society has set ridiculous beauty standards. Well, you know it is silly, yet it is tough to get out of this loophole. The belief that a beautiful body is the one that has a particular size and shape is untrue, as the truth is that any size and shape is equally beautiful and acceptable. The models you watch on the television or on the cover of a magazine look like that after a lot of editing, which is always done. Hence do not become someone who hates your body because it is not perfect.

Honestly, it is not wrong to get in shape, not to fulfill specific false beauty standards, but to become healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Having said that, you should also learn to love your body no matter what. Here are a few tips that will help you get over the feeling of not liking your body.

1. Learn to Accept:

Many people do not accept their own bodies as they disapprove of the way they look. Accepting how you look and being ok about it is important as when you know the truth, you can consciously make the decision of what you would like to do next.

2. Self Love:

People who are conscious of how they look tend to hate their bodies. They blame their body for the dissatisfaction in their life. Such people do not like to see themselves in the mirror as well. Remember, it is a functioning and healthy body that helps you lead your life, so stop hating and start acknowledging it. Self-love is the first step you can take towards transformations.

3. Stop Getting Influenced by the Media:

Watching too much media information is only going to make you feel worst. Do not ignore such articles or news but understand its reality and start ignoring what they are trying to set as beauty standards.

4. Eat Healthily:

Eating healthy has a lot to do with boosting your self-esteem. Once you eat right and stick to Eco-friendly products, you will not feel guilty, and that will consciously shift your mind towards loving yourself.

5. Exercise:

People who workout tend to love their bodies, even if they look the same. Their minds play tricks, and the sense of achievement only makes them accept their bodies and work hard for further improvement.

6. Take Care of Your Mental Health:

While we are talking about your physical appearance here, mental stability also matters equally. If your mind is clear with its thoughts, the perspective you have about your body will also gradually take a turn towards the positive.

The Bottom Line:

It is not easy to love your body when it seems to be in the worst shape or size, but radiating negative vibrations will only make you feel worst. Your body lets you live and breathe, learn to accept and love it. Thank it for the life it helps you live and give back by taking care of it. Slowly, you will realize that not just you love your body, but your body loves you back.


  • Narendra Sharma

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