How to maintain a healthy relationship as an empath 

How would you know if you are an empath? Take a moment to ask yourself, “Do I experience the emotions of others outside of my own perspective?”.  If the answer is yes, then there is a high probability that you are one among those who absorb the world’s joys and stresses like emotional sponges. 

As an intuitive empath, psychic medium, and coach, I work with individuals all around the globe who find themselves being moved through their own journey of awakening or ascension, wherein some are discovering that they themselves are very gifted. Through my own experiences, I understand the struggles that come along with being an energetically sensitive person. I know that I was moved through this first hand so I could help empower others to recognize their own gifts and trust in themselves. With that, I want to help you navigate your way through relationships as a fellow empath. 

Your energy naturally and intuitively adapts to your surroundings. You function in a unique way, especially in the way you handle your personal relationships. Although understanding the experiences and feelings of others is admirable, there are detriments to being too sensitive to someone else’s emotions over yours. Given that empaths lack the filters used by most people to protect themselves from excessive stimulation, there are simple guidelines you can follow in order to maintain internal balance and healthy relationships.

Allow yourself alone time

When you grant time for yourself, it will allow for focus and reflection, which are integral to self-development. Spending time alone does not necessarily mean that you are isolating yourself from the external world and cutting ties with the people around you, it just means you are prioritizing your interest and yourself for a while. In addition, having a silent period with yourself can help you discover and tune in to your own vibration—an essential lesson for all empaths. 

Set healthy boundaries 

The lack of privacy and space can result in discomfort, distractions, and, ultimately, conflicts, therefore, it is important to know and name limitations between you and your partner. Although personal boundaries can be difficult to navigate, it is essential to set and communicate them with your partner for the health, well-being, and safety of your relationship; however, this is only the initial step. The most crucial part is honoring boundaries to improve your self-esteem and your relationship. Giving each other space allows room for growth and vulnerability, which are critical for understanding and dealing with the complexities that life may throw your way. Set an intention for yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I want out of your relationships?”,  “Is this person an energetic match for that overall intention?”, and “Do I feel cherished?”  Once you find out the answers to these questions, you will know how to proceed with the relationship. 

Do not give more than you are receiving 

Love can be tricky and, at times, deceptive. They say it is better to give than to receive, however, when you are constantly giving without receiving even the most trivial thing in return, it can be exhausting. When you continue to offer pieces of yourself to others, you push yourself to the limits and eventually burn out, leaving little to none for yourself. Having equilibrium is the most optimal way to maintain relationships. There should be an even amount of giving and receiving between you and your partner to ensure that there is no formation of greed and grievance. Use this affirmation daily: I am worthy of equal energy exchange. 

Speak your truth 

Being truthful perpetuates a culture that allows for productive and purposeful interactions and relationships with others. That said, you have to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable, for yourself and for your partner. By doing so, you will be able to express your genuine thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which in turn can start a meaningful dialogue. Your goal as an empath is to be able to have full autonomy in all relationships. 

Keep yourself grounded and your biofield clear

You are a literal walking energy field and it is crucial to keep your energy grounded and clear. There are several techniques for grounding, such as earthing, using crystals, energy healing such as reiki or simply doing something that helps you focus on the moment. When you anchor yourself to something and you free yourself from stressors that may affect your energy, you will be able to nurture a healthy being and maintain healthy relationships through the moderation of unnecessary desires and ideas, which can be achieved through affirmations. Staying grounded also helps in practicing gratitude and molding you to become the best version of yourself, for you, and for others. 

Do not allow yourself to take on your partner’s energy

Energetic transference is a real thing. If you take on too much of your partner’s energy, it can negatively influence your own energetic output and mindset. Without clarity and proper functioning, misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your partner may arise. Your overactivity due to the surplus of energy and your partner’s under activity due to the deficit of energy can impact both your well-being and the state of your relationship. With that, it is important to remember to work on having equilibrium to sustain and nurture the bond you have. If your partner is experiencing an energetic overload, do not try to fix them or any issues that they need to fix on their own. Hold space, but do not take it on and emit it as if it is your own. 

At the core of a healthy relationship is friendship. Following the six guidelines mentioned above can help with maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. If your relationship encourages unconditional love, there is open communication, then you are both the best version of yourselves with each other. When there is no manipulation or gaslighting occurring and the relationship is based on choice, not need, you are headed down the right path.