Positive thinking is essential in the molding of great minds, healthy bodies, and happy kids. With the pressure of tests, quizzes, homework, sports, extracurriculars, other students, or home situations, a student can experience a decline in his positivity. This factor alone impacts the health and mental state of a student. How does a student maintain a positive attitude while handling the obstacles that he deals with every day? It is quite a dilemma, but a positive attitude can be acquired and maintained. The perks of maintaining positive thoughts are great. From boosting memorization to helping a student reach his goals, positive reinforcement is a step toward strengthening a student’s chances of joy along with greatness.

Mistakes are Made
The work put into being positive is often easily wiped away by something trivial such as a bad grade. Grades are important, but they are not the end of the world. The student is human, and no one is perfect, no matter how hard he may try. This fact can relieve the stress the student feels. Instead of being down about this, the student should use this as a driving force into setting goals for themselves.

Perceptions of others
Not caring about what others think is a massive step into alleviating negativity in a student. In school, having certain friends, mannerisms, clothing, or a student simply being himself can attract the attention of ill-speaking people. When a student realizes that wherever he goes he may always encounter someone who does not like him, that is when he can choose to be himself and live without the weight of having to please others.

A student removing negative people from his life can lead to an abundance of changes for the better. It is best for the student to be happy by himself rather than stressed or depressed from the negativity brought on by his peers. After all, a student should not worry about what others think. Finding forward-looking friends may set an example and encourage a student to strive to change his character and thought process.

In closing, positivity is vital for a student’s success. Implementing the suggestions mentioned above may help any student improve the overall learning experience.