What’s recently been referred to as the “Turnover Tsunami” has put many employers on edge as they’ve watched some of their best team players resign in recent months. Employees are calling it quits for many reasons such as loss of trust in leadership, lack of affirmation, and even solid launches into entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, employers are scrambling to come up with long-term retention solutions before it’s too late.  

Below are 3 simple factors for employers to consider in efforts to prevent a mass exodus in a post-Covid work culture:

  1. Be flexible. Remember, employees have worked from home for months on end. Suddenly taking this option away could be a disaster waiting to happen. As certain offices begin to re-open for in-person work, offering employees the continued flexibility to work from home is important. Even if it’s just a couple of days out of the week. Employers must empathize with the fact that everyone is trying to figure out another “new normal,” and that takes time.
  • Affirm employees. As I mentioned earlier, many employees are bidding their current positions farewell because they no longer feel appreciated. Now more than ever, employers must show rather than tell their employees just how much they care. There are far too many new job opportunities swarming the Internet for employees to feel like they “need” to hang around. I suggest: One-on-one staff meetings to discuss professional goals and solid pathways forward; offer financial incentives or financial sponsorship for online classes or professional association memberships, or even additional paid vacation now that the world is opening up. Be creative and have fun.
  • Know your all-stars’ next move. Top-performing employees can be expensive to replace, and often, it takes a long time to do so. Employers should do everything in their power to ensure these employees remain motivated and aren’t making a run for the exit sign. This could include: promotions and targeted new leadership and growth opportunities.

We are ALL in this together. Now is a wonderful opportunity to build and cultivate strong workplace relationships founded on trust, respect, patience, and empowerment.