Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have been working from home since March. Although working from home has its perks (i.e. no commuting), I have also noticed that there has been an increase in my anxiety levels. Perhaps due to the news or just having less opportunity for face-to-face interactions, I have felt my focus decrease at times. To help maintain my productivity and improve my well-being, I have come up with small rituals that help lower my anxiety and maintain presence.  

Below are my top tips for increasing focus while keeping peace:

  1. Slow down when you feel anxious: whenever I feel anxious, I purposefully slow down taking a little extra time to complete my work. I find that I instantly become more productive and creative. I will slow down what I am reading and make sure it sinks in. I will also take a little extra time writing an email or organizing my thoughts.
  • Take mini breaks: taking a small break may seem counterproductive but it may tremendously increases our productivity and reduces our anxiety. Making a tea, coffee, or eating a small snack helps me reset and improve my perspective. I always come back refreshed even if I take the tiniest of a break, like spraying my face with a mist and waiting for a minute while the liquid sets in.
  • Go for a walk: the best part about working from home is that I am close to a local park and my dogs are always around. Note that I think it’s great to have my dogs around as they force me to step out at least four to five times a day for a brief walk. I have found  walking to be tremendously healing and helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety. It is like a mini meditation; focusing on nature and my dogs (instead of my cell) provides additional healing benefits.
While walking in a park next to my home
  • Read a short article not related to work: if you feel anxiety wave coming on while working on a specific task, try and switch the task to reset your thoughts. I like reading some good news either on Thrive or watching a short video on BigThink. I find that shifting my thoughts on something positive and then returning to the task at hand helps me become more present and creative.

I hope that these tips can help you feel more at ease while working from home and provide a sense of presence and clarity. If you wish to receive more tips on wellness, be sure to follow me either on my Instagram or my website.