If you own, run or manage a business (no-matter whether it is a start-up, small business, large business or corporate entity) NOW is the time to be using your words to engage the people who are keeping you afloat.

Yes, times are becoming uncertain.

 Income and profit are becoming uncertain. 

Business-as-usual is now non-existent. 

Do NOT let these current moments become the death of your business. 

One thing you do have is your capacity to communicate openly with the people who are watching- especially from afar and online. 

One of the things that we all need to recognise is that our access to instant information allows us to not only receive information but, output and send information with more impact than ever before. This is critical in maintaining a presence while people are in lock-down or quarantine. 

If you are in business, THIS is how you can maximise your online exposure and improve communication methods during the times of COVID-19

Your RESPONSE is the Left Leg of Your Brand

Be open, accessible and willing to respond as much as possible. It’s important to realise that we will all be moving into recovery mode just as fast as we moved into crisis mode. 

Use your words to create a tone that informs your audience, vocalises your views, and encourages a good-old online conversation. 

Be Honest

Honesty shouldn’t just be a key to success during a crisis. It should be constant. But, it’s important to note in times of communal vulnerability because people are unsure.

You will not gain a strong support network… or future sales… if you continue to re-enforce that ‘everything will be fine’ when things on the outside are looking quite dim. 

Be honest with your audience, your clientele, your staff and yourself. Honest and transparent steps and processes are required to stay afloat.

Bring Back Normality 

No-one is here to listen to your thoughts on the virus. We can turn on the tv or scroll Facebook for that. 

If anything, we’re all here and eager to get back to normal life. Use your social accounts, email databases and newsletters to distribute content that brings some sort of normality to the screens of your audience. Highlight the benefits of your program, take the time to get to know the people who are commenting on your posts. 

Do the best with what you have, and go about your online activity making the most of the networking opportunities available to you. 

Acknowledge Uncertainty

No-one knows what the next few months will bring. Take control of what you do know, embrace the uncertainty and utilise the resources open to you. You’ve got a screen in your hand… use it!

We want to make your life a little more certain. 

That’s why we’ve created an online course which focuses directly on using copywriting to keep your business afloat during COVID-19. It’s something that you can use during a crisis, which you can access, create and implement from HOME… no matter your industry, goods, or service. 

Be proactive, and word UP!