Losing weight is difficult for almost everyone. Millions of people try to lose fat each year. The vast majority of people fail to lose fat and keep it off. Instead, many people go on a crash diet and get fast results. However, after a few weeks, the weight returns and dieters feel more discouraged than ever.

No Crash Dieting

The first way to make dieting healthier is to avoid crash dieting. There are no health benefits of crash dieting. Drastically reducing caloric intake can cause multiple problems in the body. Not only does it cause hormonal changes, but muscle mass can decrease if caloric intake is too low.

Eating an inadequate amount of protein is a recipe for disaster. Although drastically reducing caloric intake can cause a person to lose weight, most of the weight will be muscle. Lowering muscle mass causes the body’s metabolism to drop. A lower metabolism makes weight loss much harder in the future.

Make Reasonable Goals

Reasonable goals are the starting point for any fat loss plan. Some people wrongly assume that they can fix a decade of poor eating habits in a month. For many dieters, it will take six months of healthy eating to see a noticeable difference.

There are various health apps that dieters can use to track goals. Wearable fitness technology is an excellent way to keep track of steps or activity levels each day.


Exercise should be a foundational part of any health plan. People who do not exercise have higher risks to develop various diseases. People who exercise have a higher metabolism than people who do not exercise. Physical training also burns calories and improves mental performance. 

A person who has not trained in years should start a new exercise plan methodically. Some people wrongly believe that it is possible to quickly go from sedentary to exercising for hours a day. This type of drastic change can result in numerous health problems. A quality exercise program should also contain both resistance training and cardiovascular workouts.

The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Diet is a common way of eating for people who want to lose weight. This eating plan comes from the Bible, but many non-religious people also adopt this eating plan. While eating on this diet, people avoid eating meat and processed food.

Most people feel much better after a few weeks of following this eating plan. 


Sleep should be a significant focus for anyone who wants to lose weight. Multiple studies show people who get enough sleep burn fat more efficiently. When a person is deprived of sleep, the body does not burn fat as efficiently.

Some people stay up late to watch television or to look at their phones. Although some electronic exposure throughout the day is fine, most electronics emit a particular type of light. This light sends a signal to the brain to stay awake.


Water intake is critical for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Millions of people do not get enough water each day. There are multiple health issues for people who do not drink enough water. Not only do these people struggle with a lack of energy, but mental exhaustion is a common symptom of dehydration.

When dieting, drinking water can also reduce a person’s appetite. Multiple studies indicate people who drink adequate amounts of water have more success with their weight loss goals.

Although losing weight is hard, there are ways to make dieting healthier and more manageable. It is always a good idea to have a fitness partner to provide encouragement.