If you think about it, millions of years of evolution and improvement have brought you to this point in time. This time where you are sitting and reading an article on your piece of technology that will shortly outline how your latest apps will help you make a better life. You see, the world of today, no doubt, is much more advanced and easier to live in than it once was. In fact, the fact that you can use your computer or phone to communicate across borders was something that the ancient man could not even have thought of.

Sadness in Modern Day:
However, if you have a better quality of life than the previous generations, you also have a much more difficult life than those of previous generations. The worries of today spare you no room to focus on yourself and this is not a very good thing. In fact, statistics suggest that around 14.8 million adults in the US suffer from major Depressive disorders. What is even more alarming is that around 50% to 75% of eating disorder patients also exhibit signs of depression.

Applications to Help and Where do they Come from:
Realizing this same fact, the world has become more and more aware of mental health issues and has looked to help you out. This realization has led to leading psychologists hiring Software development companies like Svitla Systems to develop apps that keep you happy. So, to help you avoid the myseries shadowed in the pleasure of the modern world, here is a list of apps that will help you live a happier life:

1. Gratitude Journal:
The first step towards a better life is to acknowledge how blessed you are. The gratitude Journal helps you do that. It motivates you to write down whatever good happened in your life to brighten your mood. You could set reminders to reflect on your life and identify the good things and read inspirational quotes that will keep you going in the face of adversity.

2. Happify:
Happify helps you change your moods to better ones. It starts off with a questionnaire to gauge your level of happiness or misery. The app then presents activities or games to help you lighten up and help you feel better. It may even provide you with stats of your previous engagement with the app and track how you have felt. Moreover, it provides you with calming scenes to help you relax your mind.

3. Headspace:
Meditation is a very important part of life to keep you motivated and relaxed. Headspace is an app that realizes this fact and gives you immense potential to take control. It will guide through a series of different meditations that will help you calm your mind. Moreover, it will also motivate you to take some mindfulness courses and keep you healthy by having activities such as running tracker and mindfulness. Furthermore, it will also help your kids with its various mindfulness activities designed for children in different age brackets.


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