In today’s society, life moves at a hurricane pace. We regularly sprint from one task to the next. We check off the to-do list and strive to accomplish it ALL. (Everyone else does, right?! )

But, we also never stop to breathe, let alone appreciate the little things. We feel exhausted. Overwhelmed. Depressed. We think, “why can’t I feel good?

Is it possible? Can we have both accomplishment and happiness?

Yes. But it takes intentionality. And going against the grain.

It takes putting yourself first. Above work, above kids, and above every other responsibility you have in life. If you can do that, happiness is always just a moment away.

Let’s kiss that overwhelm goodbye.

How to Make Time for Self Care

Remember, you don’t find the time, you MAKE the time. This goes for any priority in your life. Consider these four tips to get in more of what makes you happy and healthy.

1. Cut the Fat

First, the easiest way to begin putting yourself first is to become aware of how you spend your time.

Are you watching Netflix for three hours every night?

How much time is spent scrolling your phone?

For many, an enormous amount of our day is spent doing meaningless activities. (The average person spends over two hours a day on social media). Once you realize where you can improve, actively replace your time with activities that are good for your body or soul.

2. Schedule in Self-Care

What gets scheduled gets done. Give yourself thirty minutes every night to unwind in a healthy way. Make that time sacred. No excuses.

Take a bath, read a book, or do a sleep meditation. You won’t regret it. Check out 50 Self-Care ideas to try here!

If thirty minutes is too much, start with just ten minutes. You’ll be surprised at how much that time can impact your mood.

3. Dig Deep

Guilt. That sneaky, insidious emotion.

You may be finally taking care of yourself, but you have to put someone else out to do it. I did this the other day when I went on a long run while my husband watched the kids. (And I felt guilty.)

But if we put ourselves first, this will happen. And it’s ok.

In these moments, remind yourself why taking care of yourself is so important. Maybe you want to double your income in the next year. Or be an amazing mom. Or live to be a spry hundred-year-old.

Whatever the dream, dig deep and remember why YOU have to be your highest priority. Crush that guilt.

4. Find Accountability

We are more likely to do anything we say we will if we put something on the line. Try one of the methods below to help make “me time” your highest priority.

  • Do a self-care challenge with a friend.
  • Sign up to run a 5K or take a class
  • Try a self-care checklist.
  • Use an accountability app like SPAR where it costs a small penalty if you miss a check-in (for any new body-loving habit)

In Conclusion

As a working mom of three, I get how difficult it is to find time for yourself.

But, I also know that I was put on this earth for one life. And darn it, I want to be HAPPY in it. I want to enjoy my relationships, my progress, and the little moments that make life grand. Not wake up in twenty years wondering why I didn’t ever stop to savor the time while I had it.

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make yourself a priority. It’s necessary.”

Mandy Hale