When it comes to revealing your baby’s gender you should first go ahead and start by taking attendance as your friends and family start coming in. You can separate your friends and family into “Team Girl” and “Team Boy.” Everyone can take turns using different ways you have made to show off what team they will be a part of with stickers. Or you can opt to play Gender Reveal Games to begin the fun or even give out Gender Reveal Shirts. Any of these ideas are a sure way to start building the excitement at your Reveal Party. The key to having a wonderful party is adding your creativity and passion into the gender reveal. Most parents have used gender reveal celebrations products to enhance the big moment.

Cut The Cake

One of the most common gender reveals is the “cut-into-a-cake” style. This has always been one of the most popular ways to announce! As soon as they cut into the cake the color will reveal either pink or blue indicating what your little one will be! Expect all of your friends and families faces light up with joy. You can either fill your gender reveal cake with fun candy inside or icing. The options today are limitless so check with your bakery before you make a decision. 

Gender Reveal Smoke

Gender Reveal Smoke has been considered one of the all time best ways to reveal by parents. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs have gained a lot of traction in recent years because of the stunning ways to capture the reveal. Due to the long burn time of the gender reveal smoke you can take high quality pictures with your significant other capturing the shock and celebration! Couples typically use “smoke bombs” or “smoke sticks” to give off a large cloud of colored blue or pink smoke to announce the gender to all. Some parents place them inside gender reveal boxes while others just have parents hold the smoke sticks. Either way, it will make for a stunning gender reveal that everyone will surely remember.

Gender Reveal Golf Ball

If you want to bring the bang to the party for your gender reveal, why not use a Gender Reveal Golf Ball for the big surprise? You can get that perfect swing sending that golf ball into an exploding powder of either blue or pink color celebration. You can use any club of choice as well! So pull out your driver or iron for the best golf shot of your life using a gender reveal golf ball! 

Gender Reveal Powder 

Gender reveal powder is a colorful way that you can showcase a beautiful and fun way to announce your baby’s gender. You will surely capture some epic and colorful photos! Using Colored Powder allows you to add a fun and interactive way for everyone to join the gender reveal and not have anyone feeling left out. Especially if you are including any soon to be older brothers or sisters! All gender reveal powder is non-toxic so you never have to worry about any hazards and the powder water-soluble so it will simply wash away leaving no stains and for an easy cleanup.

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon

Some soon-to-be-parents sometimes feel like just buying the gender powder isn’t enough, that’s why you also have the Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon option. Which can either come in a powder cannon form or a confetti cannon form depending on the preference of the soon to be parents. Using Gender Reveal Cannon is a sure way to create an amazing reveal moment! You simply just need to point, twist, and POP! It’s that easy, with adult supervision you can even include your little ones in the gender reveal cannon celebration. Choosing to fill your gender reveal cannon with powder or confetti is up to you! A lot of times picking the correct reveal cannon comes down to whether you want an indoor or outdoor gender reveal.