It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. No matter how hard you try to distribute work evenly to yourself and your employees, you almost always stay working longer, and even at night.

In the long run, no matter how successful you are, and how much money you and your company made – if you are mentally and physically exhausted, it will not mean anything. You will get up without motivation, with some chronic disease and quite possible in bancroft.  

Let’s face it, health and common sense are most important, because often all the success and the money of the world can not bring us back to life without pain and anxiety.

That is why it is better to think in advance, both at work and when it comes to health and self-care.

By taking care of ourselves as human beings and entrepreneurs, we became a great role model of responsibility for our employees. If we bring ourselves into a burnout state, it can harm the business, demotivate associates and workers, and in the end, we are in a really big problem.

You work to live, not the other way around.  It is not so difficult to introduce a little peace and rest and self-awareness into a chaotic work atmosphere. Below we bring you a few tricks on how, as an entrepreneur, to make time for self-care.

List your favorite relax activities

If, as an entrepreneur accustomed to your nervous system of constant stress and anxiety, at first it can be a little shocking to relax at work. But, It is not impossible to balance the mind and emotions, as well as relax various muscle cramps.

For starters, try to make a list of your favorite activities that you used to do to relax only when you find the time. If you don’t know what it is, invent or find new ones. Give suggestions to your subconscious that rest is necessary in order to do your job better and more productively.

When you make a list of activities, include them in your weekly work schedule. It can be conscious breathing for 5 minutes, with the help of music you will disconnect from the environment, exercises that you can perform in the office, or reading a few pages of a novel. 

Forgive yourself for some business mistakes that have happened in the past and still bother you. Introduce an intimate ritual to reward yourself for every major success. They don’t have to be diamonds (well, at least not always) or something too expensive. For example, you can go to a football game or a fashion show or whatever you like. That way you will stay motivated in a slightly different way.

Remember that you can always seek professional help. Some therapists specialize in business stress. If you can’t handle it by yourself – it’s always a smart choice to seek help.

You can take a lunch break to take a walk. Whatever you decide, stick to a schedule. Every week, if you are able, increase a few minutes of such a self-care break.

If there is an inner, psychological resistance in you towards such activities, be persistent and over time you will begin to enjoy those self-care moments.

Participate in charity events

Of course, it is always nice to help those in need, whether you are doing it through some social events or you and your company are organizing them. What has that got to do with self-care? By helping others you will help yourself as well. 

This is especially important if you only hang out with entrepreneurs and you have lost empathy. Although many entrepreneurs think that empathy is bad for businessmen, because they generally have to be strong and not show emotions, this is not the case.

There are many ways to participate in charity events and not just a monetary donation. For example, you can get involved in the affairs of the organization, cook meals, or clean. You can even give a motivational speech. In this way, you will give people who are far below your social status the hope they desperately need, and you too will begin to look at your job and social position differently.

Create a hobby

You probably know how many self-help gurus and psychologists emphasize we should awake or find our inner child?  Well, it really makes sense when it comes to curiosity about life, playfulness, and living in the moment and stress relaxation.

It simply means, indulge in beautiful life moments and don’t expect earnings, perfection, or confirmation all the time. It is OK to make mistakes. Hobbies will help you with that. Not every activity we do has to be money related to being interesting and worthwhile at times.

Try a sport, research a topic, collect napkins, make paper models, go to theater shows and laugh …. There is so much you can do outside of working hours that will completely draw the attention of that part of your brain and in charge of the entrepreneur’s job. 

That way you will relax. You will not take work and life so seriously, and such an attitude could, to your surprise, increase productivity in every aspect of life.

Depending on your business schedule, include a hobby activity whenever you can during the workweek. If you have a family and children, you can include them over the weekend. Observe the children and notice how they play and enthusiastically experience the world.

Try it yourself and you will discover how beneficial communication with yourself and your loved ones can have on you.

Get enough sleep and take care of your body

Stress is a miracle in the negative sense of the word. Especially when you are an entrepreneur, the high level of stress hormones in some situations can cost you a life. 

If you are under a lot of pressure – you can’t sleep, but being awake also doesn’t solve the problems. It is a vicious circle from which it is sometimes difficult to get out. Many entrepreneurs in such situations are looking for solutions in incentives. Alcohol, drogs, poor diet, smoking, etc.

But that is not the solution and often makes the situation worse. That’s why it’s important to find a way to relax. The way you eat also plays a big role. Artificial sugars, fast foods rich in hormones, and additives that do not contribute to your body are one of the triggers of stress.

Sleep is key to resting both the brain and body. Only in this way does the body rest naturally and healthily. Do not deprive yourself of sleep and do not unnecessarily torture the body with unnatural states. It may seem like you’re increasing productivity that way, but even if you do, it won’t take long. Caring for the body and mind is a long-term process that pays off in the end though.

Try at least for dinner to be light and healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetable salads, fresh, unsweetened decaffeinated drinks a few hours before bedtime, will allow your digestive system to extract enough nutrients and relax before bed. 

Also, reduce smoking and be in nature, and exercise as much as possible. This way your body will get tired naturally and sleep will be very easy.

Balance your priorities

Neal Taparia, an entrepreneur and founder of I’m a Puzzle likes to say that time is money, but time is also life. 

It seems that many entrepreneurs often forget that. Success is often a relative category, but why all that if we are not happy, so it is important to know how to balance between work, physical and mental health.

The secrets of great business and private success are hidden in the organization. Of course, it is not always possible to arrange everything in advance and be sure of a positive outcome. He is especially tricky with private “jobs”. A lot of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with work in order not to face private life and possible problems. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, so it’s good to talk to yourself from time to time and try to figure out which direction you want your life and business to go.

Burnout syndrome is often associated with the inability to synchronize private and business life. Everyone needs balance to make it all make sense.

Think carefully about your business and private priorities and make an appropriate action plan.

Trust your co-workers and employees more, distribute part of the work to them, and be kinder and more accommodating to them.

Don’t blame your employees and colleagues too much. Forgive them or ignore some mistakes, and praise and reward successes or efforts. Maybe this will increase their self-confidence and they will become better workers. Try to get some better employee management tips from other entrepreneurs who are successful.

Motivated and inspired to work harder and learn. That way, it will be easier for you as an entrepreneur, you will be less stressed, and in general, the atmosphere in the office will improve.

Say “NO” to everything you have a premonition that it is not for  you or that it will drain your energy unnecessarily. 


Entrepreneurship often has many dark sides. All that glamor, influencing, cool and stylish life under that glittery surface can be very painful and tiring.

And indeed, it is difficult to find time for yourself, because when it comes to large global corporations – they often have no mercy. The competition is fierce and the market is large.

That is why it is important to get to know yourself and, based on that knowledge, arrange business and private priorities. You can always find time for yourself and your health. Remember, it is your life.


  • David Milsont is an avid writer who loves to write on different topics including energy, technology, finance and much more.