Businesses need the community to market and sell their products and services. Even though technology is critical in creating awareness of their goods and services via the internet, they need to make sure they do not over-rely on it. It is vital to consider the local community and its consumer base. Community engagement enhances the company’s visibility boosting its sales and revenues. Let’s delve into the key ways entrepreneurs can make their businesses pillars in the community:

• Join the local chamber of commerce
Joining the local chamber of commerce extends one’s network through workshops, seminars, and other events. An individual’s business gets the opportunity to participate in members-only activities that are cost-effective and can help their businesses save substantially. The local chamber of commerce protects one’s interest and business, helping them to remain relevant in their niches.

• Be part of local charities through fundraising
Local community fundraising activities are the best ways for one to be part of their local community. Being part of the local charities demonstrates giving back to the community. In addition, local fundraisers help the business to be socially responsible. By participating in fundraisers, the business becomes part of the community; therefore, the community will participate in the business’s growth.

• Host workshops and community events
Hosting events and workshops gives you the chance to know the community better and vice-versa. During such activities, the business gets to network and maximize free samples to create awareness of its products or services. In addition, such activities enable businesses to advertise their products and services to the local community indirectly.

• Engage the local schools
The youth are integral in most activities concerning the local communities. One of the best ways to engage the local community is through the local schools. Supporting the locals through education is the best way to get the attention of parents, teachers, and students. In addition, engaging the locals through the education system opens internship and voluntary opportunities, which can be used as a branding strategy for the business.

• Collaborate with other business owners within the community
Surviving the business world requires working with other like-minded businesses. Collaborate with other local businessmen and women to develop strategies that can benefit the community and local businesses. Putting the business ideas together helps the community to grow, creating an extensive market for the local businesses.

Originally published on Richard Simon Chicago’s website.