Can success be reduced to a few steps? Can you learn how to make your dreams come true? 

While greatness will never be easy or happen quickly, most people who have achieved success share a series of “steps and processes” that increase the chances of making their dreams come true.

So if you have a dream that seems impossible, that is too big and you doubt your abilities to make it come true, these 7 steps will give you what is necessary to learn how to make your dreams come true.

How to make your dreams come true and that seem impossible:

Step 1: Dream of greatness

Everything starts in your mind and heart. All the great achievements of humanity began as ideas in the imagination of some brave man who had the courage to make them come true.

You must believe that it is possible, because if you do not do it, nobody else will believe in you.

Do not let toxic people tell you that your dreams are too big, rather work to become that person who learns how to make your dreams come true. 

Step 2: Believe that it is possible

Yes, your dreams need to be big, they must demand and represent something that is much bigger than you. And while they may seem impossible at the beginning, you must have the mental power to believe that you can achieve it.

It is not about setting impossible goals, but about dreaming big, planning simple and starting immediately. This is how you learn how to make your dreams come true.

Step 3: Visualize it

People who achieve their dreams and great goals have the habit of imagining things.

Have you ever devoted part of your day to simply imagining what your life will be like in the future, when everything you’ve sown begins to bear fruit?

Much of the success starts in the conversation and mental image you have with yourself, so make sure it is in line with your goals and not against.

Step 4: Tell others

One of the reasons why dreams remain dreams is because the person who has them is too afraid to share their aspirations.

However, once you tell what you will do, you are sending a message to the universe of what you want. Have the courage to tell other people what your plans are, they may be able to help, advise or encourage you. 

Now, it may happen that in the process of how to make your dreams come true, you fall into the trap of feeling satisfaction talking about your goals, moving away from the action, which is really the only thing that will make them come true.

Step 5: Plan how you plan to achieve it

How to make your dreams come true means that you have a concrete plan that allows you to have certain guidelines.

The only way to turn a dream into an achievable goal is to define the steps, activities and strategies that you must carry out in order to fulfill your goal.

Dreaming that you want to be a millionaire is not enough. Establish that this year you will start your business and you will earn X money, through these activities and sources of income is a very different way to plan your dreams.

Step 6: Work hard and intelligently

There is no substitute for hard work. While many people question why their dreams do not come true and they feel dissatisfied with their lives while watching television, checking their phone, or lying in bed; there are others who are dedicated to working intelligently. It’s not the hours you work, it’s the productivity within those hours.

You can see it in the following way: the number of small activities that you achieve multiplied by the time you invest, leaves as a result your long-term achievements.

The small achievements that you achieve in your day to day, will end up becoming a great dream come true. 

Step 7: Enjoy the process every day

How to make your dreams come true is a process that you should enjoy every day. From the moment you start until the day you feel you have achieved it.

Enjoy your little achievements, those that for you are not so “important” but that others do appreciate.

Finally, help and be generous with the value you give to other people. Use your dream to improve the lives of others and when you feel that you have achieved it, return to the number one point of this list and start again with a much bigger dream.