You buy a house, but you build a home. Everybody has their own vision of what a happy home filled with love and relaxation looks like. No matter how you set up your home, there are some universal ways to make your place more relaxing.

Transform Your House into a Relaxing Home

Cut the Clutter

Physical clutter creates mental chaos. Even if you have a designated junk drawer in your coffee table or room, this will only weigh on your mind – that’s why spring cleaning is so cathartic. Part ways with things you no longer have any use for, instead of storing them.

Calming Colors

Every color invokes a different emotion like yellow is energizing. You’ll want to avoid those chipper warm hues as they’re too much of a mood upper. To promote relaxation, you’ll want to work with cool colors – green and blue – and gray for a soothing vibe.

Happy Memories

Scatter throughout your home tokens of fond memories or pictures of that amazing vacation you took the kids on. When you’re feeling blue these little reminders of brighter days will help to restore your mood.

A Touch of Art

A barren wall does nothing for you while having walls bedecked in art will make you happier. Studies find that looking at artwork will help keep you stress-free. So don’t procrastinate, line your walls with art that speaks to you.

Relax in Bed

Invest in good quality sheets – studies find that 400 count 100% cotton is just right – that you wash weekly so that every night it’s pure bliss sliding between the sheets.

Cozy Inclusions

In every room add some cozy features that make you want to run and jump onto that fuzzy blanket or on that plush carpet. Cozy comforts are a fixture in creating a relaxing environment.

Let Nature In

Incorporate elements of nature inside – potted plants, indoor herb garden, wooden features or a small fountain – to create your own indoor oasis.

Focus on Lighting

Let as much natural light in as possible so you can soak up that mood loving vitamin D! Otherwise have sufficient lighting on dimmers, if possible, so you can manufacture the ambiance of the room on a whim. Opt for warm lightbulbs, light lampshades and candles for when you really need to chill out.

Designated Rooms

Everything needs a place, this goes for home activities as well. You’ll want a video games room in your entertainment room, a reading nook within your bedroom to promote solitude and so forth. To build a relaxing abode, avoid having every room turn into a multipurpose rec room!

Make Your Home More Relaxing

As soon as you walk through your front door, it’s better to be hit by a wall of calm instead of a headache from a cluttered house, as you try to wind down from your busy day. Life is hectic enough, so build a happy stress-free home using these techniques!