Life is the greatest miracle at hand. You are created to create something for yourself and to others. You are meant to extend happiness around you. You are meant to create and enjoy the beauty of the universe and really you are the one responsible for what you see around you. That’s the magic of being human and all the power is within you.

Life for me is simply lived. Life for me is doing what I love to do. It’s called passion. Life for me is having no hate from the heart. It’s sick threatening. Life for me is health. As the saying goes, health is wealth and I can’t ask for more. Life for me is peace. It’s a soul cleanser. Life for me is love. Love makes the world go round, as the song goes.

I don’t long for mansions and vacations. I am at peace here in my haven. It’s paradise to me. I don’t crave for too much riches because it makes me very competing. I don’t long for recognition because I am happy for what I am. I am the only one who knows what I really am and contentment is the word. And that’s all to it.

I long for trusted few friends, they add to my discovery. I long for creative people, they boost my passion for life. I long for the beauty around me, they add peace to my heart. I long for soothing music, it purifies my soul. I long for a child’s glee, it makes my day. I long for meaningful conversations, it keeps me all day long. I long for laughter for it’s a medicine. And pouring out my creativity in this manner by writing it down makes me human after all.

Yes, there are things that you don’t want to verbalize because when said can’t be unsaid. The reason why doing it through my fingers and landing them online is a way of life. How fast time flies. Everything seems a miracle and sometimes I doubt if I’m really creating something on my own. But I do. That’s life. Another shift of a thing has a meaning. That’s progress.

But most of all, I long for more years in life to discover new miracles. What are the miracles at hand? That I have to find out. That will keep me going and alive. It will perk my interest in something new. Maybe, unusual. That’s the beauty of expectations. Things just come handy and I might not be ready. Yet, that’s life. Expect the unexpected and life becomes easier.

Easy does it.