Virtual workers

Remote work is becoming a preferable work arrangement for many individuals all around the world these days. Due to the technological advancements in recent years and the availability of high-speed internet for masses, more and more people are embracing the world of mobile work. One can operate from comforts of home and can enjoy more flexibility rather than sitting in the average cubicle in the physical office. There is no commute time required, and one can also have more corporate perks than freelancers in this line of work.

However, remote employees require a productive work environment and need to adopt some organized habits to stay on track and achieve both individual and organizational goals. They have to become more vigilant and productive at their job if they want to progress in their career as they have very little interaction with their managers as compared to in-house resources. The workplace is becoming more and more remote-friendly with time, which means that the employers will have to show extended support to their distant employees to make them more productive.

The following are the top five ways in which you can make your remote workers more productive:

Time Management System

When it comes to remote work, maintaining self-discipline has to be arguably the hardest thing to achieve. It becomes challenging for some of these employees to eliminate distractions and organize time regularly, but you can make it doable with the help of time management systems.

Remote employees can easily download time tracking and scheduling software such as Hubstaff, TeamWork PM, and Time Doctor in their personal computers and utilize them to block distractions, and manage their workflow. These applications are also compatible with their own devices like Apple Watch, which helps with quick reminders and voice commands.

Employers can also use tasks and time trackers to monitor the progress of their distant workers by observing their screen time and other tasks. Remote virtual assistants can also pause and start their own time, thanks to these productivity tracking software systems.

Networking Opportunities

Research shows that those who work from home are 30 percent less likely to discuss their career progression with their superiors as compared to those who work in an office. That’s why virtual employees will have to be more active and creative towards networking.

Being a manager, you will have to rely more on communicating through video conferencing rather than emailing to build a stronger network. Companies need to set up periodic interactive events and networking resources to connect remote workers and with those working in the office to get the most out of them.


While getting in contact with your distant human resources via video is a good thing for providing them with networking opportunities, quick replies via emails and messages help you create a presence in the office. An alert mindset combined with increased responsiveness can help generate a close relationship with on-site employees.


One of the critical advantages of remote work is having the freedom to choose your personalized work schedule. Maintaining enough flexibility for managers and workers keeps the remote structure positive and functional. There must be an increased understanding between the two parties in case communication channels stop at times.


Constant advancement in technology is the first reason why remote work has been made possible. Being an employer, one must know how to handle technology to maintain daily workflow and accomplish essential tasks. Applications like time tracking software, video chat, and others are a significant part of working from home.

Working from home has its limitations as well as benefits. However, it’s the responsibility of employers to provide their distant workers with the right mindset, working environment, tools and tech to make them more productive.

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