How to make your social distancing productive

Some things are out of our control regardless of how hard we try to deal with it. But what we can do is to extract positivity in the time of crisis because the global crisis is potent to shut down the world. 

If we go back to history, there was the Hong Kong Influenza in 1968 which killed over more than one million people. The deadliest of all these was Black Death which killed over one-third of the world’s population. 

These pandemics have a history of putting down the world’s economy and declaring global health emergencies. 

The bad side of these pandemics is that it limits human mobility and brings us on the ground. It reminds us that our lives are temporary and the world has an end. The countries who claim to be the superpowers also become helpless in this situation. But no matter what happens, the pandemics cannot discourage our hopes and the possibilities to survive. 

Now, when the COVID19 is all over the world and the government has imposed a strict ban on public gatherings, it’s also our duty to play our role in flattening the curve because the more we stay home, the less will be chances of spreading the virus. 

The good news is that the corporate sector has also allowed us to work from home but still we will be having ample time as there will be no commute, no public gatherings, team lunches, and day-outs. 

It’s the best time to hide in a shell, invest time to learn new skills, practice self-love and spend time with your family.

But even after doing that all and winding our office work, we will still have room to grow by making our free time productive. 

What is Social Distancing? 

Social distancing means avoiding mass gatherings, keeping a distance from the people and staying at home so you can cut down the possibilities of spreading the virus.

However, during this social distancing, you can continue your home-based activities and use the digital mediums to learn new skills, talk with people and stay in touch with your colleagues and friends. 

The social distancing can become a bit daunting when you have a lot of time but not activities to kill leisure hours.

Here are some of the best ideas you can follow to turn social distancing into your favor.

  1. Innovate

Our 9 to 5 jobs keep us so busy that we don’t get the time to start our side hustle. So, this is the best time to think about your business ideas, create strategies and plan to launch it. If in case, the social distancing period grows, you can follow the next steps which come after launching the idea.

The idea can be anything starting from the writing services, freelancing, social media marketing, or an app idea but know that the time is ‘Now’ to innovate.

Later, when the situation gets back to normal, you will need to manage your side business with your job but as soon your business starts progressing, you will have the reason to skip your job.

I know it sounds easy in writing but at this point, you need to take the leap forward

2. Research Why Pandemic Happens 

What caused the social distancing? Why does a pandemic happen? What’s the history of pandemics? 

You should know about pandemics, the root cause and how to survive in the dark times. The Covid19 has a lot to teach us and we still need to know the math and science of this virus. So, you can take this time to learn about the virus, how it travels from human to human and how long it rests on the surfaces.  

By staying informed of the precautionary measures, you can prevent the virus from getting to you and your family.

So, research about it and know how the people in history fought pandemics like these and what are the chances of human survival in these situations. 

3. Start Blogging 

If blogging is your passion and you never get the time to think over it, this is also the best time to start your blogging journey. You can also align it with COVID19 and create something valuable for people to follow. 

While people are doing social distancing, digital platforms have become the best medium to pass their time. That means people have time to read more so come up with blogging ideas and show your blogging gems to your audience. 

You don’t need anything to start blogging, you can start it right away from your Facebook and Instagram account.

4. Hoard Books

I have seen people hoarding food in the time of crisis and leaving nothing for the needy. But no matter how much you hoard food, you can become tired of eating everything. The tip is to eat less because you won’t be attending gyms as the government has put a ban on gyms so eating more can result in gaining weight.

And instead of hoarding food you should hoard books so you can spend this time reading books and gaining knowledge. Reading is the best exercise for your brain because it feeds you words of wisdom and prepares you for the challenges. You can use this free time by reading more and more books.   

5. Watch Netflix 

The best thing to kill your free hours is ‘Netflix.’ Take out your watch list and binge watch Netflix. It will also keep you entertained in this time of depression and anxiety.

6. Engage in Digital Spaces

You might already be in touch with your friends and family through group chat, but you can also consider engaging in the communities where you can share your interest with people. You can take their opinions, give yours, help people and if you have a business you can also introduce it to the people through these digital spaces.

Other than that, you can also talk to people who are dealing with COVID19 and what precautions they are taking to prevent this pandemic. 

7. Think and Reflect 

What we miss the most in our daily lives are the free hours where we can think of our life failures, past, future, and our self-care. Now when we have free time, why don’t we spend it thinking over the lessons and acting on it?

Also, if you’re missing your garden for a long time then it’s a good time to grow your plants, mow the grass and fix your pots. The more time you spend with nature, the better will be your mental and physical health.

8. Self-Meditation

It’s time to soak yourself under the sun and meditate. During the social distancing, there will be a lot of information on COVID19 which can create panic and amplify your fear levels. So, for some time you can unplug and spend time in meditation to gain your mental peace and listen to your soul callings.

9. Train your Kids

The pandemic has given us the best lessons on the power of gratitude, protecting mother nature and living a simple life. Take this time to train these powerful lessons to your kids and prepare them to fight the next pandemics.

10. Spend time with your Family

Take this time as a blessing from the creator and make the most of it by nurturing your family bonds. Sit with them, talk, play indoor games and make memories. 

The pandemic will end but the memories will stay forever. Know it. 

So, instead of cursing the COVID19 for limiting our mobility, be positive about it and avail this time to make yourself better. See the light in the darkness and be hopeful about it. The covid19 has given us so many lessons, think, reflect and strengthen your bond with your creator.

At last, everybody is fighting their battle, so fight the virus, not the people, be human. Together, we can end this soon. Keep your hopes high!