When telling a story or giving instructions, concise writing is essential in order to make a point. It also prevents misinterpretation on the part of readers. Whether you are writing a report for school or a fiction novel, certain rules should be heeded for a better reading experience.

For this reason, many books exist on the subjects of writing and style. One should not cease from writing well when finished with English class; communication is a key skill that will come in handy all your life.

Here are some simple tips for clearer writing. They are by no means the only tips; a quick search will provide more advice on how to better tell your story.

1- Avoid Using Foreign Words

Unless you are writing a science paper or article where the translation is necessary, avoid including foreign phrases or words in Latin. A student trained in the subject might know what such jargon means, but the goal is for a casual reader to enjoy the piece you are writing.

If possible, use the English translation of the phrase you’re quoting. This will prevent readers from skimming your work or giving up on the piece altogether.

2- Write Professionally

Even if writing is not your job, approach the task as if it were. In essays and books, unless a particular style is required that differs from the norm, be sure to follow the basic guidelines. These can be found in writing style handbooks, which can be purchased at any bookstore.

3- Read More Books

Many people do not realize that the act of reading a well-written article will help improve their own writing. The stylistic choices are stored in your brain, so the more you read, the easier it will be to phrase your own sentences.

Look for magazines that cover the topics you’re going to be writing about; note how the authors choose their words. Allow these choices to influence your own writing style.

One never masters the art of writing, even if they’ve been doing it for years. However, time and practice make your writing clearer. Practice sharpens your writing style until you sound like a professional.