We’re all guilty of it. We allow ourselves to be overworked, under-nourished, and on life’s list of priorities, we always scribble in our own needs last. It’s no wonder in a world that commends productivity and growth above all else that self-care gets categorized as more of a nice idea than a non-negotiable piece of daily life. For many, self-care doesn’t come close to being considered radar-worthy when busy juggling responsibilities and commitments of home and work. 

People don’t realize that when we properly care for ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally, that it translates into greater care and capacity for other parts of our lives. We can’t be expected to operate at our best, to feel our most energetic and creative, and be fulfilled when we constantly act as though we are not worthy of our own time. In order to live our best lives, we must take the time and have the patience to dedicate a part of our lives to ourselves. 

1. Be intentional in feeling better 

With so much noise in the world and the outside influence affecting every single part of our day, it is so important to intentionally take time for yourself so you can disconnect from everything else and reconnect with yourself. This does not mean using the ten minutes in between parent pick-up or using your commute to work, it means making yourself a priority and scheduling time for yourself in a space where you can truly let go and just be without interruptions. It can be hard to find a space in your home where you can disconnect and not be interrupted, our brains naturally respond based on your surroundings and what they expect to happen in those places. Juliet Okonkwo, the owner of Pure Skin & Scalp Therapy Studio, launched the first-ever Mood Room in Los Angeles to create a space that radiates positivity. “I created the Mood Room because I want it to serve as a reminder for everyone to pay attention to how they feel and give themselves permission to feel better,” said Juliet. The Mood Room is a place for you to free yourself of others’ expectations, dance, vibe to your favorite music, self-reflect, gain clarity, breathe deeply, or even just be. The experience is undefined and will be whatever you make it and whatever you need. Be intentional with your time and your space so that you can truly feel better and be your best self. It’s just as important to show up for yourself as it is to show up for all the other areas in your life. 

2. Detox to rejuvenate 

We are exposed to toxins every day, just by simply living in this world. The air, our food, the chemicals in the products we use, etc. contain toxins and although we may try to limit our exposure they are still there and storing themselves in our bodies. In addition to exposure, our bodies are affected internally by metabolic waste, stress hormones, unbalanced diets, lack of hydration and so much more. Courtney Yeager, owner of The Tox developed “The Tox Technique” which is a unique blend of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and drains out the toxins, bloat, and sludge stored in our bodies to leave you rejuvenated both physically and mentally. The lymphatic system is responsible for a network of tissues and organs that help to rid your body of toxins and waste in addition to transporting lymph (a fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. This technique not only relaxes you and removes toxins from your body, but it also boosts the immune system. A pampering treatment can also stimulate our senses that we have lost touch with from scents, sounds, and touches, transporting us to a truly relaxing and refreshing experience. Pampering ourselves has been viewed as a luxury, but it should be thought of as a necessity in self-care. 

3. Exercise with purpose and passion 

Exercise is something that every single person needs in their lives for physical and mental health and it can look different for every person, but what so many of us get wrong about it is that it should be FUN and something we look forward to. You are more likely to make the time for exercising and stick to a routine if you enjoy what you are doing. Exercise is so much more than going to a gym or hitting the pavement running unless that is your jam and what you love to do. Exercising with purpose and passion is about finding something you love to do and making that your exercise, such as hiking, dancing, playing a sport, or group classes (socially distanced of course). Jazzy Canuelas, creator of the jazzymethod is bringing fun and energetic virtual exercise with a supportive community to your home. “jazzymethod is a combination of what I have learned from my life experiences. It’s my way of being, teaching, and the energy I share. It is all about balance, self-love, and fun,” said Jazzy. Virtual exercise is becoming a way of life during this pandemic, but even in a new normal as the world starts to reopen, it makes it possible to fit your workout in anywhere and at any time. Jazzy shares her fitness journey openly with her followers on Instagram and draws the connection between physical health and mental health, as they truly go hand in hand. 

Self-care is for everyone and not only do we need it, but we also deserve it. Commit to yourself, create the habits and you will see how much it will change your life for the better. But remember, doing it once isn’t enough, you have to continue to invest in yourself and your wellbeing.