“I’ve had enough of him”. “I wish she gets a job in another department”. “He just gets on my nerves”.

These statements are familiar to people managers. There are times when you just don’t want to manage certain people. I was one of those. If you are one of those managers, let me offer the following suggestions:

Understand the inherent nature of the person you have to manage. Every individual has distinct characteristics which separates them from others. Why are some siblings so different from each other? Hence you will see people who are angry, clumsy, forgetful, rude, gossipy, etc. It’s a countless list. Assess the nature of the employee you are having difficulty with. Understanding that will give you peace of mind. Let me give an example. We all know carnivores kill other animals and herbivores are meek and mild. We never get upset with a tiger because it kills deer which we admire. An employee who comes 15 minutes late following his own schedule, but otherwise gets the job done. Just telling him to come early repeatedly will not work.

Set an example.If you want someone to be responsive, ask yourself if you are one.Abraham Lincoln said:

“There is just one way to bring up a child in the way he should go and that is to travel that way yourself.”

Often, time we do not practice what we preach. You need to live the message before you ask someone to follow it. It takes time to change someone’s inherent nature, so be patient with the person.

The above suggestions are only applicable if you have time to correct the person you have to manage. If their behavior is detrimental to the organization, then immediate steps need to be taken which could unsettle the person.

I would like to share another amazing quote which explains how to view a person we don’t want to deal with:

“Happy and blessed hour, when wickedness stands forth revealed as goodness bereft of its guide.”- Maurice Maeterlinck

Be that guide. Looking forward to hearing your tips.